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Jonas Lund

Jonas Lund Work from Contemporary Gallery @ New Shelter Plan. “New Shelter Plan is a non-profit based in an old Carlsbergs storage building in Copenhagen. The curatorial premise for a series of exhibitions is for invited artists to reflect on the division of the 185m2 exhibition space into accessible and inaccessible areas divided by a […]

Kaj Nyborg

Kaj Nyborg GHOST in my house (ISOPLANT) @ New Shelter Plan. “By showing Kaj Nyborg’s solo exhibition GHOST in my house (ISOPLANT) New Shelter Plan launches its series of autumn exhibitions that are based on a new curatorial approach. A division of the 185m2 large exhibition space into an accessible and an inaccessible part now […]

Justin Morin

Justin Morin Work from Q10 at Galerie Jeanrochdard. “What could these initials possibly stand for? Are they geographical coordinates? Is it a mobile phone model? Or a secret code? It is in fact a chemical term designating a coenzyme that acts like a vitamin inside an organism and activates the energy production on a cellular […]

Alexandra Gorczynski

Alexandra Gorczynski Work from SENSATIONS. “Gorczynski creates two-dimensional, sculptural and video works that investigate the overlap of virtual and actual states of being. Layering together paint, photographs, and moving images, Gorczynski celebrates the formal potential of new media. She also explores the fluidity of identity, the sensuous and corporeal limitations of the virtual and the […]

Nina Koennemann

Nina Koennemann. Work from Lithic Reductions. “Lithic Reductions is a site-specific installation by NINA KOENNEMANN presented in the former paint spraying booth at Taylor Macklin in Zürich. The project focuses on NINA‘s porcelain objects that look like archaeological fragments. She took an interest in the development of stone tools which is still practiced by hobbyists […]

Maxime Guyon

  Maxime Guyon work from Technical Exaptation at ECAL Switzerland This project deals on the technological evolution at its large sense. Replicating the hyper-commercialization aesthetic codes, this series dissects standardized commodities and high technologies which are here listed as full species.The images are intentionally manipulated, which finally witness the hybridizations that the photographic medium as well […]

Casey Richardson

    Casey Richardson In Portals, Richardson creates virtual exhibition spaces where quotidian objects construct ambiguous narratives.  Televisions, iPads, computer monitors, and artificial plants are collated in absurd tableaus, which rethink the nature of exhibition and documentation.

My Lonely Days Are Gone / Part 2

  My Lonely Days Are Gone / Part 2 Works by Caroline Kryzecki, Carla Arocha & Stéphane Schraenen, Claudia Comte, Friederike Feldmann, Matt Mullican, Christine Streuli, Tatjana Doll, Lily van der Stokke Organised by Arturo Herrera at Arratia Beer In 2010 My Lonely Days Are Gone brought together ten contemporary artists to explore the potential of […]

Daniel Keller

Daniel Keller works from Kai ♥ Dalston Bushwick at Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler Dear Dalston: I’m sorry I misled you. When we left Cali I let you believe I wanted true Exit – from the Cali cults, from window-smashing devolutionary morons and political hysteria, from Silicon wild-eologies, from my daddy complex, from whatever. But you shouldn’t have believed […]

Peles Empire

  Works from Duo at Wentrup, Berlin The source of Peles Empire’s artistic practice is connected with the provenance of its name in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania: Peles Castle. The eclectic building from the 1870s is distinguished by its uncommon concentration of the most disparate styles – each room imitates a different era in architectural […]