Archives for the Month of June, 2009

Richard Barnes

Richard Barnes Work from the series Mumur. Last week at a Thai restaurant, I had a sterling land on my plate of Pad Ga-Proa and eat some of my dinner. Thankfully I had finished, but other diners at the establishment did not share my fortune.  “European starlings have a way of appearing in unexpected places […]

Frank Kunert

Frank Kunert Work from Photographs of Small Worlds. Ironically, the first time I cam across Kunert’s work it was in a spam email titled “Award Winning Construction Projects” that featured the bottom image. Kunert is another example of why I am so grateful that I abandoned my model making project in its infancy. “The project […]

Trine Søndergaard and Nicolai Howalt

Trine Søndergaard and Nicolai Howalt Work from Tree Zones. You have probably come across Howalt’s Car Crash Studies that made the blog rounds a few months ago. Go to both of their websites, you won’t regret it. “TREE ZONES is a photographic exploration of the Nordic landscape and ways in which we relate to it. […]

Kerry Mansfield

Kerry Mansfield Work from Borderline. See related work from Barbra Hilski. “When I first encountered what I now call, a Borderline image, I wasn’t sure if the resulting negative would tell the same story as my eyes. My camera responded with a defiant “Yes!” when contact sheets revealed an entirely new world. So I began […]

Laura Wood

Laura Wood Work from the series Memories of Leda and Stay Awhile. ____________________ Memories of Leda “The motivation behind this work is an investigation into the image and perception. Despite the observations of Roland Barthes in the early 1980s, we tend to invest an uncritical faith in photography, accepting its documentation as an objective view […]

Daniel Barthmann

Daniel Barthmann Work from Vier Stundenkiloemter. “‘Vier Stundenkiloemter’ accords to the average speed of walking. The pictures are collected underway on a 800km hiking path from the French/Spanish border until Cap of Finisterre (= the supposed end of the world in the middle-ages) in the very west of Spain. The images that resulted in Vier Stundenkiloemter […]

Christoph Sebastian

Christoph Sebastian Work from the series (or rather multi-faceted database) Fahrzeuge. I also recommend the series Transformation. “”One must hurry if one wants to see something. Everything disappears.” Paul Cézanne. The car is more than just a simple vehicle: It is surrounded by an aura of irrationality. From the very beginning, various fantasies have always […]

Ralf Grossek

Ralf Grossek Work from the series Collection Functional Intentions. “The majority of our visual perceptions of the world around us is characterised by the attempt to functionalise our immediate environment. Due to the limited space in the big cities, we try to think up ways to guide traffic flows, protect property and privacy and provide […]

Eyal Pinkas

Eyal Pinkas Work from the series Covers. “Under the conditions of the camera, objects and spaces reveal themselves in a gentle process of exposure. They perform a change, showing gradually different potential appearances that assumingly originate in their own fantasies. This search for the objects’ imaginable worlds within different surroundings has become a constant departure […]

Anne Lass

Anne Lass Work from Geography of Nowhere. “The project “Geography of Nowhere” was photographed in the United States, where I resided the past couple of years besides living in Germany. In my work, I try convert my personal impression of parts of the US- American living space into a panopticon of absent self-situatedness. It is […]