Archives for the Month of October, 2011

JK Keller

JK Keller Work from Binary’s Forth Fugue. “Binary’s Forth Fugue is the latest conceptual project of JK Keller. An animated GIF series based on generative animations created using arrow icons which mark the different direction for each animation. Keller tells us more about this work; “The project began as an exploration in the generative potential of found digital imagery. […]

Mark Soo

Mark Soo Work from his oeuvre. “Mark Soo’s work focuses on the associations between culture, technology and the history of representation, and their impact on questions of subjectivity. Soo’s current exhibition “Madame Guillotine” is concerned with relations of image production and photography, as seen through depictions of the guillotine and associated images dating from the […]

Absis Minas

Absis Minas Work from Free Money. “Communication is an outmoded form of communication. Lack of ambiguity and totality of statement can be achieved only through action: kissing, hugging, cumming, beating, maiming, bombing, killing. Or it can be achieved by making everything the same – a compression of all words into the holy syllable “blah,” and […]

Roe Ethridge

Roe Ethridge Work from his oeuvre. “Roe Ethridge arranges his large-format photographs into series whose precise meaning remains elusive. His gallery installations and book projects mix fine-art photographs and commercial images, including outtakes from his illustrational magazine work. A polished studio portrait may be juxtaposed with a grainy still-life drawn from a retail catalogue or […]

Daniel Michel

Daniel Michel Work from Google Vase. Google Vase “A vase created by the work with the term itself. Researched pictures were collected and analized. The rotation outlines of 8 vases were arranged around a centre and connected by minimal surfaces in a 3D construction software. Afterwards the textures were set on the surfaces and the vase […]

Gerard Byrne

Gerard Byrne Work from A Thing is a Hole in a Thing It is Not. “…Minimalism’s genealogy is mythic precisely because the work is situated in and outside of history. As the culmination of an art for art’s sake, Minimalism is securely tethered to a trajectory of modernism dating as far back as Manet. The […]

Sol Hashemi

Sol Hashemi Work from Rock Show. “James Harris Gallery is pleased to present our first solo exhibition by Seattle artist Sol Hashemi. The show will include both sculpture and photography. Using rocks as the conceptual framework for the show Hashemi explores the idea of the “natural” environment and what it personifies. He questions the viewer […]

Sanna Kannisto

Sanna Kannisto Work from Fieldwork. “Breaking away from the conventions of nature photography, which typically presents specimens in isolation, devoid of context, Kannisto’s work addresses the acts of staging and image-making. Her photographs, with their biologically correct titles, show not only the breathtaking beauty of her subjects, but also the tools used to achieve the […]

Fleur van Dodewaard

Fleur van Dodewaard Work from Sun Set Series. “Fleur van Dodewaard is less interested in the photographic representation of reality as such than in the way in which photography relates to the other media it exploits in its efforts to achieve autonomy. She commonly uses a diversity of materials to create clear and powerful images […]

Xavier Delory

Xavier Delory Work from Formes urbaines. “Urban Forms: the aim of this project (in progress) is to study the recurrent characteristic of modern cities, with Brussels as first field of research. This work will comprise several chapters: ‘Bare d’ilot’ (a reflection on the urban block, the framework of the historic city, it break-up and its […]