Pae White


Pae White

Work from Here Today @ 1301PE.

“…Pae White creates a seamless world where she is constantly discovering innovative ways to transform materials and objects. She has explained, “For the last several years, my practice has focused on an exploration of the neglected, the forgotten, the spaces between things, even the things between things. I am equally drawn to the temporary, the fleeting, to the ephemera of everyday life. My work has attempted to subvert the viewer’s expected relationship to an everyday object, nudging them off balance, encouraging a deeper look.” By re-creating their purpose and meaning, White forces the viewer to see these usual objects in a different light.

“There is nothing visually raw or neutral about Pae White’s aesthetic: colors are dazzling, words are set in idiosyncratic typefaces, and the materials she favors are delicate and lush. Even when she is working minimally, the effect is ravishing and at times hallucinatory.” Alex Farquharson

Pae White╩╝s unique ability to transform the generally unnoticed will only be magnified by this exhibition. Following her major exhibitions at the Power Plant in Toronto and SITE Santa Fe, White once again gives the viewer a heightened sense of site and context. Her new works ignore the traditional boundaries applied to fine art while also engaging the viewer to reexamine the familiar…” – 1301PE

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