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Haley Mellin, Parker Ito, Brad Troemel, Artie Vierkant

Work from Trending at Untitled, New York.

“Over the past few decades nearly every aspect of life has become globalized and driven by electronic information. The inevitable result of this radical shift has been a reorientation of our experience of space and time. The overflow of the seemingly infinite stream of new information has ushered in a compression of time and an accelerated turnover. Art has come to reflect and address this condition much the same way financial markets have. Flexible accumulation, short production runs, and sudden market shifts now characterize art as much as other advanced economic sectors.

Trending seeks to address this new status quo, one of accelerated obsolescence and rapid shifts. The artists in this exhibition reflect the conditions of a newly globalized art world through the conception, production, and attention to the dissemination of their work. Trending is a declaration of what the most salient works of the moment are as much as it is a projection into the direction art will continue to move from here forward. In our compressed state of time, Trending simultaneously acts as a retrospective – looking back on recent art products by a new class of producers – as well as a preview of what’s to come.

To trend is to statistically rise to prominence through collective agreement – either through a concerted effort by a core group of users (viewers), or as a phenomenon which arises out of the resonance that content has with a broad group of individuals. As an exhibition, Trending seeks to honor the new modes of attaining cultural capital that this digital reorientation of experience has afforded art while still honoring the essential role that the physical exhibition space retains, as facilitator of intervention, dialogue, and distinction.” – Untitled, NY

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