Aida Silvestri

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Aida Silvestri

Work from Even This Will Pass

This body of work depicts the journeys and experiences of Eritrean refugees into the United Kingdom. Those who emigrated from Eritrea did so illegally for various reasons. Inspired by the story of a childhood friend, I investigated further only to learn that there were many more like her who didn’t want to share their experiences, for fear of consequences or further suffering in their lives. The title echoes a message found on the walls of Sinai Mountain: Even This Will Pass. This sentiment of hope, together with a map of the refugees’ journeys, fragmented stories and mug shots are the blueprint for this body of work. It aims to raise awareness of human trafficking and to bring to light different experiences and difficulties that my sitters faced on an uncertain voyage to exile which can sometimes be dreadful. The lucky ones board an aeroplane in Eritrea to exile. Only a few make it to their final destination after months of struggling to cross different countries. Some end up dying in the Sahara Desert or in the Mediterranean Sea. Others are detained in refugee camps or prisons and many more end up in hands of human traffickers where they are abused, tortured or killed unless they provide a ransom. This body of work is dedicated to those who suffered or were left behind in their quest for the ‘Promised Land’ and those who marked their names and left messages on the walls of Sinai Mountains. Your voices will be heard. Even This Will Pass.

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