Ulrike Brückner

Ulrike Brückner

Work from space for.

Please pardon any errors in translation, for the original German, see here.

“The starting point of this work is private photographs published on the internet. The subtitle of the work, “Would you like to comment?” is analogous to photo captions found on internet photoportals and blogs.

I have cut out the figures from their original environment and placed them in an imaginary, artificial undefined, empty space. The space is reduced mostly to matte, colored surfaces and a horizon line. Thus, the focus is placed on the body language. Through the newly created picture-fragment, the effect that the figure has is concentrated. The blurry depersonalization of the figures function not as representatives, but rather, icons.

The processed images are divided into different categories: winners, kids, pets and profiles. This clinical archiving is a contrast to the emotionality of the images and carries with it a new level of contemplation.” – Ulrike Brückner

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