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Alterazioni Video

Alterazioni Video Work from Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow. “Alterazioni Video is a group of five artists who have been working together for six years, and are currently located in Milan, New York and Berlin. The distances between the various members of the group and their constant movements have made communications between them – mostly […]

Je Suis une Bande de Jeunes

Je Suis une Bande de Jeunes Work from Bruit de Fond (Background Noise). This is a book project by JSBJ featuring work from: Asako Narahashi – Lydia Anne Mc Carthy – Jacob Wolf Miller – Thobias Fäldt – Jon Feinstein – Jeff Otto O’Brien – Seth Fluker – Jeremy Liebman – Oto Gillen – Daniel Everett – Yann Gross – Honet and Wulfran Patte – Jesper Ulvelius […]

Spirit Surfers

Spirit Surfers Work from The oracle told me that a surfer would snag the sister domain once it was cut loose, and that this surfer would be a chosen one. – Spirit Surfers “My day of featuring fellow artists who go that extra mile by incorporating a third part to their name is coming […]

DIS Magazine

DIS Magazine Work from DIS Spring Trends and DIS Summer Trends. The art and design behind DIS Magazine is unlike any other fashion publication to date. Its contributors eschew the standard conventions of print publication to create an ever evolving series of related threads, organized around categories such as distaste, dystopia, discover, and dysmorphia. DIS […]

Peter Sutherland

Peter Sutherland Work from his website (narrative home page below). “When I was a kid we lived in Michigan (until we moved to colorado when I was 8). We had lived on a lake, we had a big back deck my dad had built. Past that there was a long lawn leading up to the […]