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Maxime Guyon

Maxime Guyon Work from “Living 90′s graphism“. ““Living 90′s graphism” it’s a great project that was sent through to us by the french Ecole de Condé student Maxime Guyon and we immediately fell in love with it. Concerning some current trends in graphic design, “Living 90′s graphism” deals with a mid 80′s-90′s visual atmosphere in […]

VLF (Thomas Cristiani & Antoine Roux)

VLF (Thomas Cristiani & Antoine Roux) Work from their oeuvre. “We work on variations of reality. Without contesting the existence of object or image, we redefine the message it transmits. It is the role of the spectator to be conscious and define the distance between reality and virtuality of the works made. Fond rouge (red background) […]