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Spirit Surfers

Spirit Surfers Work from The oracle told me that a surfer would snag the sister domain once it was cut loose, and that this surfer would be a chosen one. – Spirit Surfers “My day of featuring fellow artists who go that extra mile by incorporating a third part to their name is coming […]

Alejandro Almanza Pereda

Alejandro Almanza Work from his oeuvre. “In the 1960s sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick coined the term “kipple” to explain the astonishing ability of household objects to accumulate in piles of unwanted clutter. He imagined kipple not merely as mess or disorder, but rather as an irreversible, entropic force—a perverse electromagnetic power binding inanimate things […]

Luis Gispert

Luis Gispert Work from his oeuvre. Jacob Hashimoto: This last January, you opened an enormous two-part exhibition at Zach Feuer and Mary Boone Gallery that represented well over two years of sculptures and images and was crowned with a hugely ambitious short film, Smother. Having had the opportunity to watch you labor over this diverse […]

Katja Novitskova

Katja Novitskova Work from Reality Check and others. “Cartography has been the domain for manifestations and negotiations of physical, political and symbolical properties of reality. Despite the obvious differences each era claims their maps to represent the world in the most adequate way. At the moment we are subjected to emergence of real-scale & time […]

Jimmy Joe Roche

Jimmy Joe Roche Work from his oeuvre. While not an essay on Roche, it is very fitting, and he is linked later in the article (not included). “Imagine a technological stew. In this big bubbling cauldron are piles of images, jpegs and mpegs of Super Mario Bros , Thundercats and Care Bears, strangely scratched 80s […]

David McCallum

David McCallum Work from Neighbourhoodie. McCallum also has some rather interesting pieces that deal with the intersections between culture, technology and sound.  “The Neighbourhoodie is a hooded sweatshirt that augments the experience of game playing through an electronic infrastructure mounted in the garment. Neighbourhoodie explores the hoodie as a platform; what if the garment familiar […]

Genadii Berёzkin

Genadii Berёzkin Work from his/her ouevre. Apart from the stunning combination of visual complexity, accessibility, and kitsch, I have a very difficult time articulating anything about this work. I am not alone in this, as I can find nothing written anywhere about Berëzkin that is of greater length than this post has already achieved. What […]

Zach Shipko

Zach Shipko Work from his oeuvre. Shipko’s work is more of an examination of internet culture and kitsch than anything else. In the same way that it is accessible to the casual viewer, it also relies on a thorough understanding (or at least an informed inundation) of internet culture and various memes. I am wondering […]

Artie Vierkant

Artie Vierkant Work from his oeuvre. Shortest statement ever: “His work concerns the degree to which digital media constitute fully tangible objects, actors which are both pliable and physical, structures to be broken into pieces and reconceived.” – Artie Vierkant

Anne de Vries

Anne de Vries Work from his oeuvre. “some thoughts about my work and interests photography is not the same medium anymore as what it used to be. after you once pressed the button of your digital camera, you will need a computer instead of a dark room. since the 90s digital photography became the mainstream […]