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Rachel de Joode

Rachel de Joode Work from The Molten Inner Core at Neumeister Bar-Am. “Puddles, Meteorites, A Surface of a Dinosaur Bone, Bronze, Grey Goo, Fat, Stone and Human Skin all have an aesthetic calling to de Joode. These things are explored for their material agency, not only their communication with us but with each other and […]

Vincent Dulom

Vincent Dulom Work from his oeuvre. “…I manipulate pigment without premeditation, carefully avoiding imposing a gesture. painting is subtle. Trying to intervene as little as possible, I work intuitively, so as not to pre- judice the result. uncertainty informs my attitude. When I begin working I do not want anything in particular, I only respect […]

Jon Rafman

Jon Rafman Work from Brand New Paint Job. Rafman will have some works in Land Before Skype at CS13 opening on Friday night from 6-10 . The exhibition looks stellar, so if you are in Cincinnati, you should check it out. “Some recent works over on Jon Rafman’s excellent piece Brand New Paint Job. Here so […]