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Jeremy Gravayat and Art of Failure

Jeremy Gravayat and Art of Failure Work from CORPUS. “…CORPUS is a project by Jeremy Gravayat and Art of Failure that brings together sound, visuals and architecture. Based on the principle of vibration in resonance with the built environment, the sound system consists of speakers, vibrators and a score generated in real time incorporating pure […]

Ann Veronica Janssens

Ann Veronica Janssen Work from her exhibition at Ausstellungshalle Zeitgenössische Kunst Münster. “Ann Veronica Janssen’s artistic practice can be understood as a research expedition into the sensory experience of reality. The artist, who lives in Belgium, uses various artistic techniques and disciplines–installations, projections, films, urban interventions, photographs and sculptures–and invites the viewer to enter new […]

Enrico Castellani

Enrico Castellani Work from Castellani e Castellani @ Haunch of Venison. “…his critically acclaimed Spazio Ambiente, a roomlike environment from 1970 that has rarely been exhibited publicly, and which is graciously on loan from the Fendi collection. Although created decades apart, the works exemplify Castellani’s signature style and merge art, space and architecture to transcend […]

Daniel G. Baird

Daniel G. Baird Work from his oeuvre. “Daniel G. Baird considers ideas endemic to Western society of culture and technology, often subverting ideas of technological progress with juxtapositions of their primitive translations. Baird, a Master of Fine Arts candidate at the University of Illinois at Chicago, predominantly works through sculpture using found objects and those of […]

Lucy and Jorge Orta

Lucy and Jorge Orta Work from their oeuvre. “Her sculptural work investigates the boundaries between the body and architecture, exploring their common social factors, such as communication and identity. Lucy uses the media of sculpture, public intervention, video, and photography to realize her work. Her most emblematic artworks include Refuge Wear and Body Architecture (1992–98), […]

Céline Condorelli

Céline Condorelli Work from Support Structures (A co-production with Support Structure: Céline Condorelli and Gavin Wade) “Support Structures is a manual for what bears, sustains, props, and holds up. It is a manual for those things that encourage, give comfort, approval, and solace; that care for and provide consolation and the necessities of life. It […]

Karthik Pandian

Karthik Pandian Work from his oeuvre. “Pandian prevents these monuments from being compartmentalized by history, as he goes looking for resonances in contemporary architecture. This idea continues to develop in his exhibition, “Unearth,” at the Whitney Museum in New York. The show is the second stage of a two-year project focused on the historic site […]

Daniel Arsham / Snarkitecture

Daniel Arsham / Snarkitecture Work from Dig. “Dig is an exhibition and performance at Storefront for Art and Architecture by Daniel Arsham/Snarkitecture that explores the architecture of excavation. Storefront’s distinctive gallery space will be filled with a solid volume of EPS architectural foam, engulfing the existing interior in an unyielding flood of white. The volume […]

Emanuel Rossetti

Emanuel Rossetti Work from his oeuvre. “Multiplex, with its various formal and contextual layers refers to a plural character of perception, like in a multiplex-cinema, where in different halls a multitude of images and illusions can be perceived at the same time. Rossetti’s ability of displaying elements accurately and unerringly within a space (be it […]

Matthias Ballestrem and Anton Burdakov

Matthias Ballestrem and Anton Burdakov Work from Built on Promises. “The promise of the photograph is the experience of the represented. But it goes beyond that; Through our eyes, images point past their ability to represent reality. Often exceeding the objects they capture in ability to hold our attention, photographs become the object of desire. […]