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Trisha Donnelly

Trisha Donnelly Work from her oeuvre. “, sound, photographs, drawings, and performance, Trisha Donnelly explores the power of the human mind to will ideas into existence. At the same time, her work acknowledges the limits of language in any guise to fully contain our ideas and thoughts. In Night Is Coming the title words pulse in and […]

Bea Fremderman

Bea Fremderman Work from S,M,L.XL “The assemblages in S,M,L,XL can be understood as registers of information, composed of outmoded materials archetypal to American corporate office design. The recuperation of such standard materials subverts use value in a form of resistance. Much like the bureaucratic condition of office environments, the valid structural organization of things remains enigmatic and […]

Elena Bajo

Elena Bajo Work from her oeuvre. “Her concept-generated and research based practice is concerned with the social and political dimensions of everyday spaces, the strategies to conceptualize resistance, the poetics of ideologies, and the relationship between temporalities and subjectivities. She works individually and collectively across installation, sculpture, painting, performance, participatory events, film, text and writing. […]

David Bate

David Bate Work from Bungled Memories. “Using the conventions of the still life genre, this project examines the thesis that accidents are not necessarily ‘accidents’. Drawing on the parapraxes that Freud called ‘the psychopathology of everyday life’, the photographs record domestic objects broken by the author. ‘Bungled Memories’ challenges the assumption that the still life […]

Olve Sande

Olve Sande Work from his ouevre. “Possessed of a balance of architectural and literary substance, Olve Sande’s works are striking for the peculiar familiarity they evoke. At once recognisable and unconventionally contrived, their allure is as unquestionable as their imagery is imaginary. His is a charged vision.” – text via Culturehall.

Andrew B Myers

Andrew B Myers Work from his oeuvre. “Andrew B. Myers is a photographer and image maker that lives and works in Toronto, Canada. His work is often characterized by its use of color and composition as well as it’s application of subject matter such as pop culture, nostalgia, and situational humour.” – Andrew B Myers

Wyne Veen

Wyne Veen Work from his oeuvre. “My central theme is uselessness. I feel that life is ridiculous. The products and arrangements I show are a reflection of investments of time and effort by men. They show the development of our society just like the old 17th century famous Dutch still lives did. But I don’t […]

Steve Bishop

Steve Bishop Work from “The Myth of Fingerprints“. Steve Bishop‘s preferred working materials are found, ready-made objects and substances which already carry specific or unalterable characteristics, such as the mouthwash “Cool Mint” by the brand Listerine. Its luminous azure blue lends the appearance of a monochrome painting to his work “Φ”. However, in its immediate […]

Daniel Everett

Daniel Everett. Work from his oeuvre. ““Daniel Everett embodies the current technological zeitgeist shared by post dot-com kids, the kids of the dot-com kids, and the relationship we have to our interconnectivity (the internet). His work is jaded, earnest, and self mocking at the same time.” – Beautiful/Decay

Matt Hilger

Matt Hilger Work from his oeuvre. “the statement (above) like the work is meant to clumsily with what it is and what is isn’t and what can be built by those productive communications, most notably at a level with how a this ‘otherthing’ translates the ‘thing’ it index’s. Taking place with in a practice that […]