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Gabriel Kuri

Gabriel Kuri Work from “punto y línea en el altiplano“. “Galleria Franco Noero announce the opening of its new exhibition space in Turin, with “punto y línea en el altiplano,” an exhibition of new works by Gabriel Kuri. This is the third solo show of the Mexican artist for the gallery. Shown in the former […]

Magali Reus

Magali Reus Work from her oeuvre. “Through the way the works are presented, by the appropriation of objects, and thanks to the use of colour, two identifiable thematic series thus gradually come to the fore: on the one hand, sporting imagery, with training sessions and gym equipment (rings, wall-bars and wallbrackets, and various training mats), and, on the other, the […]

Cady Noland

Cady Noland Work from her oeuvre. “Michèle Cone: Practically every piece I have seen of yours in group shows or in your one-person shows projects a sense of violence, via signs of confinement — enclosures, gates, boxes, or the aftermath of accident, murder, fighting, boxing, or as in your recent cut-out and pop-up pieces — […]

Clemens Behr

Clemens Behr Work from his oeuvre. “My work is complicated, inexpensive and improvised…My process all begins with the space, which acts as a basis for planning. The space defines the colors and shapes, as well as any fixing or mounting possibilities and the dimensions of the piece.  I can’t plan that much in advance, because […]

Maxime Guyon

Maxime Guyon Work from Landscaping Studies. “This is a personal study and interpretation about Landscaping in swiss mountain environment. I wanted first to start in discovering my visual feels on the field (especially in Rhône Glacier), then bring back at the studio all the details that gave me sense to my research. I found answers […]

Jason Gowans

Jason Gowans Work from Five Landscape Modes. “This show was created from physical objects. I built maquettes using found negatives, my own photographs, and images from the Internet. I photographed them to create several angles, exposures, shadows I took many cues from Robert Smithson’s Non-Sites, Michael Snow’s La Région Centrale, and western movie sets” – […]

Katleen Vinck

Katleen Vinck Work from her oeuvre. “Katleen Vinck creates stage sets, autonous installations, sculptural constructions and videos. Her sculptures are ‘strange’ combinations of architecture and artefacts reminiscent of furniture. Yet its precise function or meaning remains unknown. She taps into her photo archive of Lourdes grottos, bunkers and other constructions she finds interesting because of […]

Indre Serpytyte

Indre Serpytyte Work from Former NKVD – MVD – MGB – KGB Buildings. “In 1944 a Cold War began, a war that was brutal, inhumane. A war that has now been almost forgotten. The Western powers continued to consider the occupation of the Baltic and Eastern Countries by the Stalinist powers to be illegal despite the […]

Yamini Nayar

Yamini Nayar Work from recent works. “…Nayar sets up complex situations that reveal a psychologically, multivalent condition. However, unlike the images of Thomas Demand (whose use of constructed models has been an influence on Nayar), Nayar’s images never allude to real, existing spaces. Alternatively, they remain firmly planted within the vernacular of the imaginary. Whereas […]

Liddy Scheffknecht

Liddy Scheffknecht Work from scaffolding. “All architectural elements except the scaffolding were removed from the photograph of a building under renovation. The result is an autonomous “drawing“, which suggests the form of the erased building. The scaffolding, normally a temporary urban structure, was retained whereas the building, a permanent urban structure, was eliminated.” – Liddy Scheffknecht