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Bruce Conner

Bruce Conner Work from Mea Culpa. “Bruce Conner, legendary avant-garde films are well known for their pioneering use of found footage: mixing old newsreels, training, educational, and science films, cartoons, 16-mm condensed versions of Hollywood westerns and other kinds of B movies that were sold for home entertainment, he transformed and rearranged these images, pixelating some, […]

Marc Silver

Marc Silver Work from There are no others, There is only us. “There are no others, There is only us” is an amazing video filmed by Marc Silver in 2009. Marc was born in London and works worldwide as a filmmaker and creative director.  His art installations and documentaries identify locations of power and potentials for […]

Alberto Cabrera Bernal

  Alberto Cabrera Bernal Work form Perforations and Every Four Frames Alberto‘s work will be showing at mg/gm tomorrow night. “A film constructed from destruction with the piercing or perforation of its footage, the different Super 8 fragments of selected archive images. Although, at first, its identity is one of attack, the film does not […]

Amie Siegel

Amie Siegel Work from Black Moon. “The centerpiece of this three-part work is “Black Moon,” a partial remaking of Louis Malle’s 1975 film of the same title. A present-day science-fiction without dialogue, Siegel’s “Black Moon” traverses multiple film tropes – action, guns, lonely campfires, the end of the world – and, like its band of […]

Thomas Bayrle

Thomas Bayrle Work from his oeuvre. “There is an obsessive and darkly visionary quality about much of Bayrle’s work but, crucially, there is also plenty of wry humour and pleasure in the absurd and the idiotic. Contrary to the visually pluralistic tendencies of other artists with mixed allegiances to Pop and Conceptual art as well […]

Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini Work from Green Porno. “When I first saw Blue Velvet back in 1986, I actually felt kind of bad for Isabella Rossellini. Her performance was brilliant, but I always suspected that she was the sole sane person in a cast and crew of perverts and sociopaths. Maybe she didn’t know exactly what she was […]

Mathieu Weschler

Mathieu Weschler Work from his The Trashmaster “The art of machinima is as old as id Software’s Quake, and popularized as a form by the popular Red vs. Blue Halo shorts… but we’re hard pressed to think of any machinima as bold, inventive or massive of scope as The Trashmaster, a feature-length machinima movie made […]

Liz Wendelbo

Liz Wendelbo Work from (primarily) Optiks. “Her filmmaking predicates resistance to cinema as a virtual medium – this resistance in film is what she refers to as Cold Cinema. It is a sentiment and a philosophy which places the artist in a position of resistance, akin to a soldier in a bunker, or Plato’s imaginary […]

Eric White

Eric White Work from Morphology. “…new way of looking at landscape. That new way involves looking at photographs of landscapes that do not necessarily read to the eye as photographs. Stripped of any indication that we are viewing traditional color or black-and-white photographic images, we are instead left to read visual elements whose variables might […]

Regina de Miguel

Regina de Miguel Work from Report (Informe). “These images propose a series of scenarios regarding symbolic constructions not purely illustrative but subject to an interpretation, in terms of its futuristic and theatrical nature allusive of a type of cinematographic and literary science fiction (La Jetée, THX 1138, Solaris, Alphaville…). Focused on an estrangement before the […]