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Espírito Santo

Espírito Santo Work from his oevure. “Espírito Santo’s personal interpretation of the minimalist aesthetic has been described by The New York Times as “a pure form of visual perception” and by Frieze magazine as a means to “sort out the chaos of everyday experience”. And yet, despite this distinguished profile on the world stage, Iran do Espírito Santo remains […]

Facundo Pires

Facundo Pires Work from Into the Conquer of Inner Space. “I watch plants as they grow thorugh the cracks in human buildings, some across the remains of a rusty wheel, some aerial ones lean over high voltage cables; mushrooms and biological systems lying underground, seeming to express their inner worlds in the taking over external […]

Alexander Lis

Alexander Lis Work From Gradient Paintings. “Creative Research is an open space for all sorts of self-initiated projects in the fields of art and design.” – Alexander Lis via Triangulation Blog.

Robert Canali

Robert Canali Work from his oeuvre. “Abstractions of refracted light, visible only “in dust”, emphasize the physical and chemical aspects of photography through the unique character of the negative. This work was inspired by phenomenons of light and rendered by means of large format photography. Comprised of both colour and black and white photographs, this […]

Gabriel Dawe

Gabriel Dawe Work from Plexus. “Citing Anish Kapoor as a major influence, Dawe creates complex and often vertigo inducing spatial structures, which direct the viewer through space. Accordingly, they emulate the invisible forces which shape our existence; the social norms, rules and expectations which determine who we are. In this, Dawe references theorist Michel Foucault’s […]

Nina Beier

Nina Beier Work from “Shirts vs Skins” “We prevent the smell of sweat by applying perfume. We raise our voices to drown opposing arguments. To avoid stuff we make stuff. We are jealous of objects, because their permanence reminds us of our own finitude. Yet we produce things, which aim to be durable, imperishable and […]

Eileen Quinlan

Eileen Quinlan Work from Smoke and Mirrors. “…As the title of the series suggests, the logic of this work is divided between the rhetoric of a popular skepticism about the verity of the representational image, and the lack of a descriptive capacity regarding its material reality. That something is being obfuscated is asserted, but what […]

Neil Clements

Neil Clements Work from Bad History. “There are bubbling-under theatrics in this solo exhibition by Neil Clements. A recording of a grandiose synthetic organ refrain plays on a loop, aurally filling the warehouse gallery space as it circles the pitched ceiling, whistling into the decayed holes in the roof and reverberating in the invasive foliage […]