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Place Crisis

Place Crisis Curated by Wyatt Niehaus. “Place Crisis was one leg of a three part series entitled Material Conversion that took place at the Grimmuseum in Berlin, in December 2011. The exhibition featured work from Martin Kohout, Manuel Bürger, Justin Kemp, Daniel Michel, Chris Collins, and Anjali Alm-Basu. Place Crisis focused on the material shift […]

You Only Live Twice

You Only Live Twice at Kunsthalle New. Curated by Bea Fremderman. Featuring Sterling Crispin, Rachael Milton, Dmitri Obergfell, Mike Ruiz, Jordan Tate and Guy Michael Davis. “WHEN APPROACHING AN ART OBJECT WE BRING WITH US NOTIONS OF MATERIALISM, SCIENCE AND LOGIC. SIMULTANEOUSLY IN THAT MOMENT WE ARE PROVIDED WITH A RELEASE INTO BELIEF, ILLUSION, OR […]

Super Modern Art Museum

Super Modern Art Museum ( Work from their current exhibition. Works featured above are: Jon Satrom, Nicolas Sassoon, Yann Weissgerber, and Jennifer Chan. “Visual arts have entered a new era. It’s a place where immediacy rules, where visual arts becomes virtual, a place that links the world together. A new era for artists who have […]