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Bertrand Lavier

Bertrand Lavier Works from his exhibition at The Centre Pompidou. “Bertrand Lavier has built a work which, according to various “sites” opened but never closed, invites his audience to free itself from its certainties. Playing with the categories, codes, genres and materials, art Lavier manifest an inclination for addition, crossing, hybridisation transposition. The retrospective presented […]

Heimo Zobernig

Heimo Zobernig Work form his oeuvre. “Zobernig’s main interest often seems to be attempting to find out what the bare minimum requirements for a work of art or art space might be. His installation O. T. (Untitled, 1999-2000), for example, is a press conference, podium discussion and video presentation space with rows of white designer […]

Hugh Scott-Douglas

Hugh Scott-Douglas Work from Sitzprobe at Croy Nielsen, Berlin. “…relates back to engineering circles at the turn of last century who employed it to create Blueprints (the name “blueprint” stems specifically from the distinct cyan colour which this technique produces). These works begin their genealogy as perfect vectors, plotted on the computer, and printed as […]

Žilvinas Kempinas

Žilvinas Kempinas Work from his oeuvre. “I am attracted to things that are capable of transcending their own banality and materiality to become something else, something more. I like the way that videotape is simultaneously delicate and durable, since it’s meant to last. I can rip it easily with my hands because it’s so thin, […]

Kate MccGwire

Kate MccGwire Work from her oeuvre. “Kate MccGwire’s work asks questions about the very nature of beauty. She’s intrigued by the possibility of envisaging beauty as something more complex than merely what delights the senses: beauty can be about a problem; it can be something that repels you or makes you question the status quo. […]

Isabelle Krieg

Isabelle Krieg Work curently showing at Substitut-Berlin if you are in Berlin, go to this show. There is a great range of work, and some fantastic artists’ books on sale.