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Valerie Green

Valerie Green Work from Look Up at Charlie James Gallery. “All the world may once have been a stage, but it is certainly now a screen. In her solo gallery debut at Charlie James, L.A. artist Valerie Green gives us a smartphone eye’s view of the sublime: the sky above our heads. The nine images […]

911,000BC at Grand Century

٩‎١‎١‎,000 B.C. at Grand Century. Featuring: Anders Dahl Monsen Bjørnar Pedersen Christopher Kulendran Thomas Ida Eritsland Ilja Karilampi Kareem Lotfy Karen Gimle Kjersti Gjestrud Mikael Brkic Phillip Zach Renaud Jerez Sandra Vaka Olsen Tarik H. Hindic Tor Erik Bøe curated by Agatha Wara “We’ve come a long way bb’s. But let’s keep going, to a […]

Sylvan Lionni

Sylvan Lionni Work from his oevure. “One particularly interesting aspect of Sylvan Lionni’s art is that he makes seemingly impersonal items feel personal. His is not the art of the hand-rendered, yet his sensibility is very much in evidence in his choice of materials, scale, craftsmanship, color, and probably minute details that are not even […]

Surface Poetry

Surface Poetry at Boetzelaer|Nispen. “Today, the digital screen has become the predominant surface for engaging with visual content. The texture of the digital screen, characterized by its flat surface, artificial smoothness, juxtaposition of different windows, and chromatic backlit glow, constitutes the aesthetic framework in which we perceive and act upon a large part of the […]

Scott Lyall

Scott Lyall Work from Indiscretion at Miguel Abreu Gallery. “Lyall’s paintings, which are in fact digital prints on stretched canvas, are mounted on monochrome backings that frame them, double them, and space them in relation to their environments. As color field images – or the lack of such images – the paintings are generated using […]