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Kelly Mark

Kelly Mark Work from Horridor, The Kiss, and REM. ______________________________ Review of Horridor can be found here. A new work created for Scotia Band Nuit Blanche 2008, Horroridor is a 6-channel dvd installation utilizing found footage from various genres including horror-thriller-sci/fi-action-drama-comedy. The installation examines Hollywood’s construction of the reaction to the unknown. Horroridor strips away […]

JK Keller

JK Keller Works from Tantamount, and Insecurity Envelopes, and A Fictitious Argument Emerges Between Coriolis & Beaufort Work from his massive and thouroughly engaging website. Keller’s work is a collection of pieces  interventions into reality that serve to recontextualize objects, images, and media. Also see his blog. Tantamount: “Photographs of mountains are computationally altered to flatten […]