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Joe McKay

Joe McKay Work from Sunset Solitaire. “Sunset Solitaire references computer games, of course, in this case one played by an individual and watched by others, but there are a range of other associations. The Hudson River School painters and Mark Rothko’s glowing rectangles readily come to mind, as do the evocatively nostalgic memories of drive-in […]

Charles Benton

Charles Benton Work from his oeuvre. Below is an interview with HUH Magazine. “…You do a lot of installation work as well as photography, installation work is often conceptual while photographers are often formalistic. Do you consider yourself a formalist or conceptualist? I think installation is perceived as more conceptual and photography as more formal […]

Markus Kison and Daniel Franke

Markus Kison and Daniel Franke Work from Durchsehen, Exp. 01 “A camera fixed on the concrete cube sculpture recognizes the presence of human faces within its scope. With a randomized choice it will focus on one of the bystanders and adjust its movement to his; tracking the eye movements of the viewer, a software computes […]

Sebastian Schmieg

Sebastian Schmieg Work from 81 Points of View “81 Points of View is an interactive sculpture. It proposes an electro-mechanical setup that overlaps perceived with virtual reality. The result is an elaborate manifestation of a basic principle utilizing old and obsolete technology. Due to the transparent setup the sculpture’s mode of operation turns out to […]

Masaki Fujihata

Masaki Fujihata Work from Field-works “Field-Works is a series of projects which reconstrust collective memories into cyberspace as a kind of video archive by using position data captured by GPS and moving image captured by Video. Simultaneous Echos is the most recent production of the series Field-works, composting video images and locational data captured by […]

Grazia Toderi

Grazia Toderi Work from Orbite Rosse. “Grazia Toderi chose to project video because her material is light that travels and that appears when it encounters a surface, and also because it can be transmitted simultaneously throughout the world. Light also makes our existence possible, arriving from the stars, a mysterious energy with which we play and live. And […]