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Adrien Lucca

Adrien Lucca Work from D65. More info on colorimetry here. Lucca is currently working on a software collaboration with Robert Ochshorn. “…An original ‘great’ failure At the beginning of the 20th century, a fascinating project – promoted by a branch of so-called ‘abstract art’ (notably Kandinsky, Klee, Kupka) – was embodied in the desire to […]

Katja Mater

Katja Mater Work from Celebrating RGB Colour Space. “In the series Celebrating RGB Color Space, I create stretched exposures while colored object are photographed while being made to move.  The emphasis is no longer on the catching of a moment, but on the construction of an image during the time the shutter is open. The […]

Michael Morris

Michael Morris Work from Colour Research. “Colour Research is an ongoing pursuit of over 35 years and represents a significant holding of the Morris/Trasov Archive. The colour bars are part of this research and at present are in the archive. … Endless Painting. The existing system of monochrome and spectrum variations can be deployed formally, […]

Artie Vierkant

Artie Vierkant Work from Image Objects. Vierkant has an exhibition at Club Midnight in Berlin that opened tonight. “Image Objects are a series of works which exist somewhere between physical sculptures and altered documentation images. Each piece begins its life as a digital file, of which countless variations exist. These are then rendered as UV […]

Album #2 Same/Same

Album Magazin Work from Album #2 Same/Same. “Album #2 examines the question of the singularity of photographs: How new and unseen can pictures still be today? Which artistic possibilities lie in the doubling of motifs? Which concepts play with repetition and recognition? With »Same/Same«, we curated positions of photographic and theoretical works dealing with the […]

Zoe Leonard

Zoe Leonard Work from You see I am here afterall. “The cards Leonard has amassed range in date from the early 1900s, when postcards were first allowed by the U.S. Postal Service, to the post-War era, when they had become a ubiquitous part of the American travel experience. Along with other reproductive media, postcards contributed […]

Chad Wys

Jasper Rigole

Jasper Rigole Work from Outnumbered. “OUTNUMBERED, a brief history of imposture is an audiovisual installation that examines the strategies used in making documentaries, Fact Fiction novels and popular scientific equivalents. Jasper Rigole examines concepts such as authenticity and objectivity by taking on a quasi – encyclopedic approach to his subject matter and presenting it with […]

Scott Short

Scott Short Work from his oeuvre. “Scott Short’s recent paintings are the product of disciplined and structured procedures, the seriousness of which is relieved by a healthy dose of idiosyncratic intervention. Procedure first: For the past nine years, Short has produced all his paintings by taking a letter-size sheet of white, black, or colored construction […]

Nikolaus Gansterer

Nikolaus Gansterer Work from The Bureau of Found Appropriations. “”The Bureau of Found Appropriations / Département des Sourires” is a work which is part of a long-term study on strategies of appropriation and forms of production (and reproduction) in Asia. My main attention is directed towards differences, misinterpretation and errors committed in the process of translating […]