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Lilly McElroy

Lilly McElroy Work from I Throw Myself at Men. “I throw myself at men. The basis of the project is simple. I go to bars and approach men I don’t know. I ask if I can literally throw myself at them. Then I ask if I can take a picture of that moment. The men […]

Mandy Corrado

Mandy Corrado Work from the series Reflections of the Muse. “From Venus of Willendorf to Olympia, the nude has been a consistent subject in art throughout the ages. Yet how often do we see the models’ perspectives? Where are their voices in this ongoing discussion? These questions came to mind often during my years as […]

Nikki S. Lee

Nikki S. Lee Work from the series Parts. As promised, more work that deals with the medium of photography and photographic seeing. Statement courtesy of the Numark Gallerey, where you can see more of Lee’s works. “In Parts, the artist departs from the snapshot depictions of cultural identity for which she has become internationally known […]

Kerry Skarbakka

Kerry Skarbakka Work from the series Fluid, The Struggle to Right Oneself, and Life Goes On. Detailed statements are on the website.

Li Wei

Li Wei Work from the series Li Wei falls to… Wei also has some interesting process videos here. Check out this one in particular. All of his work is worth checking out. The newer work reminds me of Kerry Skarbakka. I will post his work tomorow.

Marisa Olson

Marisa Olson trains to be on American Idol in 2005. Check out her audition tape and training blog

Guy Ben-Ner

Guy Ben-Ner, Stealing Beauty, 2007 From UBU Web A boy comes home from school with a note indicating he was caught stealing money from his peer at school. His family is put to the challenge to educate him about the meaning and border lines separating private property from its “other”. The movie starts as a TV […]

Elizabeth Raymer Griffin

Elizabeth Raymer Griffin Work from Tacking, Rigging, and Weighting and Lifejackets. All prints are 4×5 contact prints (or several of them). Check out her video collaboration with Matt Griffin. “I am concerned with breaking patterns. In my work, I explore personal pathologies, both inherited and invented. I spend a tremendous amount of time analyzing my […]

William Lamson

William Lamson Work from Me in America. The entire site is well worth looking at, particularly Intervention, and Hunt and Gather. Lamson also has some great video work.

Millee Tibbs

Millee Tibbs Work from Self Portraits, and This is a Picture of Me. More work here as well.