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Dan Holdsworth

Dan Holdsworth Work from Transmission: New Remote Earth Views. “In Dan Holdsworth’s latest series Transmission: New Remote Earth Views, he appropriates topographical data to document the ideologically and politically loaded spaces of the American West in an entirely new way. In his images of the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Mount Shasta, Mount St. Helens, Salt Lake City and […]

Rebecca Loyche

Rebecca Loyche Work from Circadian Project. “Circadian offers the visitor an otherworldly experience. Entering the space through a whited out cylindrical door, the visitor is surprised to find a completely white room filled with light everywhere they look. Accompanied by an atmospheric soundscape the room is a space to unplug, refocus, recharge and get lost […]

Doug Wheeler

Doug Wheeler Work from his oeuvre “As a pioneer of the so-called “Light and Space” movement that flourished in Southern California in the 1960s and 1970s, Wheeler’s prolific and groundbreaking body of work encompasses drawing, painting, and installations that are characterized by a singular experimentation with the perception and experience of space, volume, and light. Raised in the high […]

Jason Kraus

Jason Kraus Work from his show at RENTAL. “Using the spectacle of a motor vehicle crash as a stand in for the spectacle of art making, Kraus has created a new body of work that investigates modes of production and audience. The exhibition at Rental in New York consists of sculptures made from pieces of […]

Serry Park

Serry Park Work from XO. “I cannot open the window, nor watch the clock in my room. The only thing I can do now is to see the daylight from the windows, touch [the] fabric and fall asleep. I and the room, we both could take a rest. Only light and time flow in this […]