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Bridget Riley

Bridget Riley From top to bottom: Cataract IV (1967), Fission (1964), Molecey (1976), Kiss (1961) “Riley was born at Norwood, London, the daughter of a businessman. Her childhood was spent in Cornwall and Lincolnshire. She studied at Goldsmiths’ College from 1949 to 1952, and at the Royal College of Art from 1952 to 1955. She began painting figure subjects in a semi-impressionist […]

Leon Chew

Leon Chew Vasarely Foundation. Work from “Architecture was always defined in relation to it’s nature. Either nature is a model for architecture or it’s opposite. Whether considered different or similar, the assumption that they are two distinct entities is questionable, however. First, because the terms ‘architecture’ and ‘nature’ are intellectual constructs through which we comprehend […]

Sandy Smith

Sandy Smith Work from Computer Installations. “For Computer Installations, including the obsolescent beauty of “Mauritian Sunset”, pictured below, he took old computer monitors, donated by his alma mater, the Glasgow School of Art, and turned them into gorgeous large-scale installation pieces. Eye-grabbing from the front and equally intriguing from the back. I love the “technology behind […]