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Heidi Norton

Heidi Norton Work from to Threptikon. “If all continued to grow and grow, if there were no death, the world would be monstrous. My father wrote a home remedy on a piece of paper in 1977, the year I was born. It was folded and pressed like a dried-up flower in a Fox Fire book […]

Marian Tubbs

Marian Tubbs Work from her oeuvre  “The installation art of Marian Tubbs collapses tropes of high and low visual culture. Her work examines how materiality can be manipulated to produce art that delves into notions of pleasure, utopia, and reality.”

Spencer Stucky

Spencer Stucky Work from his oeuvre “Whether architectural, anatomical, or miniature, the model is both object and investigative exercise.  As an object, such as a scale replica or illustrative device, a model presents authority: a hierarchy of information structured for legibility.  Yet the model is also employed for the prospective, the unmade, the planned action. […]

Tobias Madison

Tobias Madison Works from “Hydrate+Perform“. “Tobias Madison’s first US solo show is a newly commissioned project in two parts. Hydrate + Perform consists of many large acrylic tanks, each filled with a different flavor of Vitamin Water. The stunning blocks of pastel color create a counter rhythm to the columns that support the gallery space […]

Ethan Breckenridge

Ethan Breckenridge Work from his oeuvre. “TV Ads A scientist, after driving his electric/eco friendly go-cart like car to an observatory, looks through his telescope to discover an apocalypse-heralding asteroid tumbling towards the earth. In a heartbeat he is online finding his nearest Hummer dealer, and then off in his go-cart to the dealerships. The […]