Archives for the Month of November, 2012

François Morellet

François Morellet Work from his oeuvre. “…For Morellet, a work of art refers only to itself. His titles are generally sophisticated, show some word play, and describe the “constraints” or “rules” that he used to create them. Like other contemporary artists who use constraints and chance (or the aleatory) in their works (John Cage in […]

Heimo Zobernig

Heimo Zobernig Work form his oeuvre. “Zobernig’s main interest often seems to be attempting to find out what the bare minimum requirements for a work of art or art space might be. His installation O. T. (Untitled, 1999-2000), for example, is a press conference, podium discussion and video presentation space with rows of white designer […]

Lili Reynaud-Dewar

Lili Reynaud-Dewar Work from her oeuvre. “Though based on historical research, Reynaud Dewar’s works often evoke the feeling that one has landed on a riotous new planet where time and space are anything but linear. Fittingly, the centrepiece of ‘Interpretation’ evoked a Suprematist-shaded spaceship (Interpretation Structure, 2010). Against the wooden structure’s mirrored interior, a video […]

Guillermo R. Gudiño

Guillermo R. Gudiño Work from his oeuvre. “Your mind is attempting to escape from this text and it takes some effort to stay here, present. This happens to us all, several times in a day, but most of the time we don’t notice how it is affecting our behavior. It is useful to be able […]

Nøne Futbol Club

Nøne Futbol Club Work from From Outer Space. “In our networked society, images are no longer only visual surfaces that represent a reality. The image being digital, exists of data and is described by metadata. The digital networked image is a data repository but what does it look like? Can its data be involved in […]

Brian Jungen

Brian Jungen Work from his oeuvre. “Within the past few years, Jungen has focused his practice on modernist concerns and contexts, redefining his object making through the use of new materials and processes that reflect this shift, a more intimate relationship to the body, and his family’s traditions and history. Since 2006, Jungen has lived […]

Matthew Jarvis Wall

Matthew Jarvis Wall Work from his oeuvre “The increasing prevalence of computers and information networks in daily life has produced a transformative shift in the way in which individuals participate in the production of art and design. The cornerstones of classical aesthetics in art — autonomy of form, singularity of vision, and totality of message — […]

Josef Albers

Josef Albers Work from his oeuvre. “Albers’s overall aim was to create an impression of effortless, inevitable harmony, which, of course, demands hard work. And labor is the subject of “Josef Albers in America: Painting on Paper” at the Morgan Library & Museum, a show not about finished products but about the constant hands-on research and experimentation, […]

Peter Alexander

Peter Aexander Work from his oeuvre. “…I look out from a Cycladic perch on the isle of Syros at a hillside sparsely populated by whitewashed rectilinear geometries, made more austere by the undulating topography. The same perch from which the quintessential maximalist, Martin Kippenberger, once gazed. But that’s another story…The Greeks are consummate minimalists, their […]

Leo Villareal

Leo Villareal Work from Conner Contemporary. “…Leo Villareal’s sumptuous and transporting light sculptures are firmly rooted in the artist’s interest in underlying structures and rules, particularly the systems-based theories of mathematician John Conway. For more than a decade, the Yale-trained sculptor has been developing a rich visual vocabulary based on the use of multicolored incandescent, […]