Archives for the Month of October, 2012

Zachary Davis

Zachary Davis Work from his oeuvre. “Zachary Davis is concerned with the limits and difficulties of human cognition, evolved long ago as a “learning and pattern recognition machine.” An active member of Portland-based artist collective Appendix Project Space, which is known as much for intellectual engagement as physical practice, his current research explores the resonance of new […]

Lisa Shahno

Lisa Shahno Work from THE ITERATION. “The collection is inspired by the Fractal Cosmology theory which maintains the structure of the universe to be of the fractal nature and the universe itself to be infinite in any direction. A fractal is a kind of geometric shape which can be divided into parts, each at least approximately a […]

Daniel G. Baird

Daniel G. Baird Work from his oeuvre. “Daniel G. Baird considers ideas endemic to Western society of culture and technology, often subverting ideas of technological progress with juxtapositions of their primitive translations. Baird, a Master of Fine Arts candidate at the University of Illinois at Chicago, predominantly works through sculpture using found objects and those of […]

Wesley Meuris

Wesley Meuris Work from his oeuvre. “Beginning with an interest in the interaction between architecture and human conditioned-behaviour, I became intrigued by the conditions that coalesced around the making of cages for animals. The implicit requisite is, of course, that the cages be ‘liveable’ with respect to a particular animal, so that it may survive […]

Lorenzo Durantini

Lorenzo Durantini Work from his oeuvre. “I am interested in freeing up space between figuration and abstraction. The tension between recognising meaning while interrogating its very possibility has pushed me to the periphery of representation. My work explores the detritus of the photographic studio through playful sculptural interventions that question its role as a site […]

Johan Rosenmunthe

Johan Rosenmunthe Work from Silent Counts. “The point of departure for Johan Rosenmunthe is a childlike fascination with stones – ordinary objects, mysterious and silent but carrying a hidden story. The artist applies to them his nostalgic, scientific and philosophical point of view and presents them as the traces of this intriguing visual tale entitled […]

Tom Ireland

Tom Ireland Work from Sierra Blanca. “My more recent practice explores the relationship(s) between modernist art and design practices and the western space programme of the mid/late 20th century as proponents of interrelated aesthetic and ideological values. My practice is becoming increasingly reductive with the bare minimum of intervention in source materials and with greater […]

Marius Engh

Marius Engh Work from his oeuvre. “Marius Engh’s work seems to derive from the encounter between minimalist forms and prosaic elements. This apparent formalism, however, dissolves upon closer observation, in an unexpectedly political twist. That is why in “Lycanthropic Chamber”, his solo exhibition at Standard in 2008, one could see nothing that physically resembled a […]

Daniel Kukla

Daniel Kukla Work from the The Edge Effect. “In March of 2012, I was awarded an artist’s residency by the United States National Park Service in southern California’s Joshua Tree National Park. While staying in the Park, I spent much of my time visiting the borderlands of the park and the areas where the low […]

Bettina Buck

Bettina Buck Work from her oeuvre. “Buck’s practice is decidedly anti-modernist working with assemblage, collage and reconfigurations of existing, mundane, often found materials; regularly reclaiming industrial or industrially produced components. Materials and objects with traces of an alternative history and existence – carpet, found posters, aged foam, latex, plastic are selected, re-imagined and combined to […]