Archives for the Month of February, 2014

Ute Müller

Ute Müller Work from her oeuvre. “…This body of works – paintings, architectural structures, sculptural references – defines a space where the viewer is immediately captured by the beauty of a painting that has its origins in the history of twentieth century abstraction. Yet this is only a transitory emphasis, an instant of burning passion […]

Rachel de Joode

Rachel de Joode Work from The Molten Inner Core at Neumeister Bar-Am. “Puddles, Meteorites, A Surface of a Dinosaur Bone, Bronze, Grey Goo, Fat, Stone and Human Skin all have an aesthetic calling to de Joode. These things are explored for their material agency, not only their communication with us but with each other and […]

Thomas Albdorf

Thomas Albdorf Work from his oeuvre “Thomas Albdorf’s still lifes are never quite what they seem – the more the perspectives, shapes and colours shift, reflecting the Austrian photographer’s interest in manufacturing beauty and uncertainty out of seemingly mundane. “What fascinates me when I look at art created by other people is how they engage […]

Harun Farocki

      Harun Farocki Work from Parallele “In 2007, Harun Farocki, whose work has had a decisive influence on the history of the political film since the late 1960s, was the first artist and filmmaker featured at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac. Besides over 100 productions made for television and cinema, Farocki – curator, long-time author and editor […]

Helen Marten

Helen Marten Work from her oeuvre. “Marten treats physical stuff the digital way: she drags and drops, compresses and unpacks, crashes and reboots. She’s obviously not the only one doing this, but she does it in a way that is as comfortable with sculpture as hammering or welding (although she actually does occasionally hammer and […]

Everything Is Collective

Everything Is Collective Work from Deliberate Operations 1 [2]. “‘DELIBERATE OPERATIONS reflects the EIC’s view of how it conducts considered and sustained operations in space and sets the foundation for developing other fundamentals, tactics, techniques, and procedures. These operations are designed and/or spontaneously realized to reveal or conceal certain features of the environment. This volume […]

Latifa Echakhch

Latifa Echakhch Work from her current exhibition at galerie kamel mennour. “On the occasion of her third solo show at galerie kamel mennour, Latifa Echakhch will exhibit in the new space on the rue du Pont de Lodi. In line with the works presented at the Kunsthaus Zürich in 2012 and for the Marcel Duchamp […]

Aiden Morse

Aiden Morse Work from his oeuvre “It takes talent to make an articulate and humorous spectacle of the absurd. Aiden Morse, experimental artist from Tasmania, has deliberately juxtaposed the characters of his photographic dramas as objects of accident and compositions of intent. Morse confronts us with the paraphernalia of brand addictions, emulating the focus on […]

Cultivated Variety

Cultivated Variety At Konstanet by Marten Esko and Epp Õlekõrs “With the recent furor over art writing, namely the coinage of the term ‘International Art English’ and the ongoing crisis in art criticism, a focus has been put on how to evaluate, judge or examine art through and with the means of text. But another piece of […]

Beatrice Marchi

  Beatrice Marchi Work from “Che cattiva Katie Fox” at Gasconade, Milan. ““Che cattiva Katie Fox” [How mean Katie Fox is!] is the first solo exhibition by Beatrice Marchi; and is the first exhibition hosted within these walls to be worthy of the sequence of hashtags: #dance #sex #art #pop #tech. Ça va sans dire, […]