Archives for the Month of June, 2015

Asger Carlsen

  Asger Carlsen Works from Drawing from the Hand at Dittrich & Schlechtriem, Berlin Carlsen passes through the joining together and coordinated superimposing digital image templates to a brutal aesthetics, which focuses on a reassessment of the drawing process and a deformation of the subjects of the silhouette. With DRAWINGS FROM THE HAND Danish artist […]

Marte Eknæs and Sean Raspet

Marte Eknæs and Sean Raspet Work from Calculus of Negligence At Room East “P   = Probability of Accident B   = Burden of Precautions L   = Gravity of Loss c.  = Economically Efficient Outcome: minimum expense for precautions that carries an acceptable level of risk. A logical calculus governs the space of accident. A variable built into the […]

Nico Krijno

Nico Krijno New Gestures:  Fabricated to be Photographed at WHATIFTHEWORLD South African artist Nico Krijno’s works are a vibrating riot of colour, objects and patterns tearing through photography’s overpopulated landscape. With a unique and highly stylised vision that finds its form in prints, objects, books and other ephemera, Krijno is a trailblazer exploring the limits of photographic space. […]

Everything is Collective

Deliberate Operations Issue No. 3 [Full Empty] E.I.C Press is proud to announce the release of Deliberate Operations No. 3 [Full Empty]. In the third installment of the Deliberate Operations series, the E.I.C. continues its mission to explore the contemporary image as both record and road map with over 160 pages of new photographs, digital images, appropriations, and assemblage. Deliberate […]

Thomas Albdorf

  Thomas Albdorf works from Oh Fail, You Beauty at Fotogalerie Wien Given the pervasive influence that photography has on our social landscape, it is no surprise that artists have taken the opportunity to fundamentally reconsider those terms by which the medium operates. One of the clearest responses has been a “sculptural” one, that is […]

Colby Bird

Colby Bird works from Hope Goes with Man to the Foot of the Gallows Colby Bird’s most recent photographs are of objects (e.g., a candle, a rose, a statuette in a garden, a knife next to a raw steak) and a woman whose identity is never fully revealed. The images are enlargements of Polaroid negatives […]

Michael Mandiberg

Michael Mandiberg From Aaaaa! To ZZZap! opening tonight at Denny Gallery. The Wikipedia entry for “quixoticism” runs only about 255 words. But if anyone could argue for a personal mention, it might be Michael Mandiberg. For the past three years, he has been fully engaged in a project that might make even the most intrepid […]

Travess Smalley

  Travess Smalley at Foxy Production Travess Smalley’s inaugural solo exhibition at Foxy Production comprises large-scale print works, a five-volume book of images, and a short story. Blurring distinctions between process and product, and between analog and digital, Smalley confounds viewer’s certainties about optical perception. Smalley creates a web of mediated images that speak to […]

Inflected Objects #1 Abstraction

  There is no such thing as a confined virtual domain. Computational processes can be traced everywhere and are deeply interwoven into the fabric of everyday routines. This results in a hybrid reality constituted by digital and physical infrastructures alike. As a result, artistic production that deals with questions related to digital culture has increasingly […]