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Jerry Birchfield

Jerry Birchfield Work from his oeuvre. “Back and fill is a term that refers to a series of small movements for maneuvering a sailboat through a narrow area. It is also an idiom that refers to reneging on a previous statement or promise. It is appropriate here for describing the work of Jerry Birchfield, as […]


Guyton/Walker Work from their oeuvre. “According to Guyton and Walker, the show is a continuation of their artistic processes, both in seclusion and together. Rumination and even moments of stagnation are all part of the effort. “Sometimes you have ideas that don’t make any sense to execute on your own, or you don’t feel like […]

Peter Puklus

Peter Puklus Work from his oeuvre “Dreamlike symbols, mock-ups, installations, ready-mades – with Handbook to the Stars, Peter Puklus compiles documentation in photographs of a sculpture experiment reminiscent of the form-and-light exercises of the 1920s avant-garde. For Puklus, Handbook to the Stars is an attempt to visualize the infinitely flexible and tricky associative capacity of […]

Miriam Böhm

Miriam Böhm Work from Before in Front @ Ratio 3. “Miriam Böhm is recognized for producing photographic images of complex, physical arrangements staged in the studio setting. The photographed arrangements are printed, mounted, placed back into the studio set and photographed again and again. The end result achieves echoing forms and disorienting shifts of perspective. […]

Johan Rosenmunthe

Johan Rosenmunthe Work from Silent Counts. “The point of departure for Johan Rosenmunthe is a childlike fascination with stones – ordinary objects, mysterious and silent but carrying a hidden story. The artist applies to them his nostalgic, scientific and philosophical point of view and presents them as the traces of this intriguing visual tale entitled […]

Egon van Herreweghe

Egon van Herreweghe Work from Obituary of Time. “To celebrate the last night in my former studio I threw a little party. For me, the experiment was about the elusive nature of time and the accompanying sense of loss that is omnipresent in the act of experiencing. I reflected upon the discobolus sculpture with its […]

David Bate

David Bate Work from Bungled Memories. “Using the conventions of the still life genre, this project examines the thesis that accidents are not necessarily ‘accidents’. Drawing on the parapraxes that Freud called ‘the psychopathology of everyday life’, the photographs record domestic objects broken by the author. ‘Bungled Memories’ challenges the assumption that the still life […]

Eric Veit

Eric Veit Work from his oeuvre. “The photos are really very much about representation and the history of representation; about materiality and visuality. Many of the the ‘viewed’ objects are themselves ‘viewers’: a lens, a display case, a camera, glasses, a mirror. The paintings and collage are subtle, and the photos more direct about the […]

Brendan George Ko

Brendan George Ko Work from The Barking Wall. “I remember as a kid I used to cover my face with my hands, and peek at the world through my fingers. I could see the world, but the world couldn’t see me. Nowadays, I find myself assimilating with the hybrid, a creature I share a betwixt […]

Sanna Kannisto

Sanna Kannisto Work from Fieldwork. “Breaking away from the conventions of nature photography, which typically presents specimens in isolation, devoid of context, Kannisto’s work addresses the acts of staging and image-making. Her photographs, with their biologically correct titles, show not only the breathtaking beauty of her subjects, but also the tools used to achieve the […]