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Manfred Mohr

Manfred Mohr Work from his oeuvre. “…The inevitable question that arises in response to algorithmic based art is the aesthetic value of something where the work is supposedly done primarily by a computer. The artist to some is perceived as absent from such mathematical constraints and rules of logic. It’s as if to give way […]

Manfred Mohr

Manfred Mohr Work from one and zero @ Carrol / Fletcher. “All my relations to aesthetical decisions always go back to musical thinking, either active in that I played a musical instrument or theoretical in that I see my art as visual music… I was very impressed by Anton Webern’s music from the 1920s where […]

New Media Lecture Series – Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson is a computer musician and artist based in Brooklyn, NY. His work explores the politics of appropriation, failure, and the tension between order & chaos through creative (mis)uses of consumer electronics and elements of early Internet vernacular. He is the founder of the 8bitpeoples low-tech audio/visual collective, member of Computers Club Drawing Society […]

Ali Hossaini

Ali Hossaini Work from 4Monkeys Blue room – (See animated GIF) White room – (See animated GIF) Red room – (See animated GIF) Yellow room – (See animated GIF) “The installation realizes Jorge Luis Borges’ utopian concept of the universal library, as it will eventually express every piece of knowledge, every work of literature and every mundane conversation – […]

Kim Asendorf

Kim Asendorf Work from Solo Show in Sim City. “Kim Asendorf is a conceptual media artist and works in a large area of digital related art. He loves to transport things from the internet into the real life and back. Kim did several projects, often based on data taken from the internet or gathered […]

Ryan Boatright

Ryan Boatright Work from Color Space. “Traditionally, a color space refers to a 3-dimensional graphic representation of all the possible colors that can be captured or reproduced by a specific camera, monitor, or printer. When a computer understands the color space of these different devices, it can help calibrate and synchronize color reproduction across them. Normally, meaningless […]

Street Show

Street Show – The Things Between Us @ Eyebeam (540 W. 21 St.) – organized by Michael Manning Street Show: ‘The Things Between Us’ is an exhibition of new work from 22 different artists distributed solely through a USB Dead Drop installed at 540 W. 21 St. (@ Eyebeam Center for Art + Technology) in New York […]

Sandy Smith

Sandy Smith Work from Computer Installations. “For Computer Installations, including the obsolescent beauty of “Mauritian Sunset”, pictured below, he took old computer monitors, donated by his alma mater, the Glasgow School of Art, and turned them into gorgeous large-scale installation pieces. Eye-grabbing from the front and equally intriguing from the back. I love the “technology behind […]

Niklas Roy

Niklas Roy Work from PING!. “In the decade where videogames were born, everything virtual looked like rectangular blocks. From today’s perspective, the representation of a tennis court in the earliest videogames is hard to distinguish from a soccer or a basketball field. ‘PING! – Augmented Pixel’ is a seventies style videogame, that adds a layer […]

Craig Kalpakjian

Craig Kalpakjian Work from his oeuvre. “In my earlier sculpture and installation work, I used found and fabricated elements–barriers, detectors, and security devices. I was interested in the technology of deterrence and passage, movement and restraint as well as crowd control and traffic flow. This is what I was thinking about with the work involving […]