Archives for the Month of May, 2014

Viktoria Binschtok

  Viktoria Binschtok Work from eclipse99 “eclipse99 is made up of clusters of photographic images built on visual and formal associations. In an ultimate response to recursive image production and use, Binschtok has turned the internet search engine in on her own artwork, opening up a conversation between herself and the computer – artist to machine. Using […]

Annika Eriksson

   Annika Eriksson Work from “Now you see us now you don’t” at Krome Gallery, Berlin. “Annika Eriksson is a Swedish artist living in Berlin. Over the years, she has produced a large number of works in which the perception of time, structures of power, and once acclaimed social visions are called into question. Eriksson plays […]

Aleksandra Domanović

Aleksandra Domanović Work from From yu to me “Aleksandra Domanović used to own an international sampler of domain names:,,, It’s usually enough for an artist or other public figure to claim their name on .com, and Domanović did, but by staking out real estate in the top-level domains governed by Slovakia, Serbia, […]

Chez Perv

  Gardar Eide Einarsson, Matias Faldbakken, and Oscar Tuazon. Work from “Chez Perv” at Team Gallery, New York. “Team is pleased to present a collaborative exhibition of work by Gardar Eide Einarsson, Matias Faldbakken and Oscar Tuazon. The exhibition, entitled Chez Perv, will run from 17 April through 01 June 2014. The gallery is located at […]

Steciw / de Joode

Steciw / de Joode Work from Open for Business at Neumeister Bar-Am. “…We see a different means of freedom in the upper floor of the gallery space, where Kate Steciw and Rachel de Joode have set up studio for the day with the third installment of their performance and installation project Open for Business. In […]

Rick Silva

Rick Silva Work from The Silva Field Guide to Birds of a Parallel Future with a short story by Claire L. Evans In an old growth forest along the Oregon coast, an ornithologist is hiking across a loamy bed of pine needles. She is three weeks into a census, cataloguing birds in the deep woods. […]

B. Ingrid Olson

B. Ingrid Olson Work from her oeuvre. “If it should be a novel, we’d hope for it to be one written in verse. Said novel would be for two sisters, a secret life and a normal life. Their ground is unstable ground, but usable nonetheless. Between the verses, as the peripheries start their blur, we find our limits […]

Clement Valla

Clement Valla Work from Surface Survey “Surface Survey is comprised of digital prints and 3D printed sculptures, structured around concepts of archaeology, computer software, meaning-making, and images that are not meant for human consumption. To explore these themes, Valla collects digital artifacts produced by software that turns photographs into 3D Models. The arranged fragments are left untouched, exhibiting […]

Dan Holdsworth

Dan Holdsworth Work from Mirrors FTP. “The mirror as a tool for the receptacle of representation has been utilised ever since the early progressions of the camera obscura and of course its traces are left within the very process of film-based photography, in regards to the imprint of light and time onto the negative and […]

Marc Horowitz

Marc Horowitz Work from his oeuvre Marc Horowitz graduated from USC with an MFA in 2012. Currently, his projects are in dialogue with a diverse range of subjects, including entertainment, advertising, the built environment, commerce and the quest for daily meaning. “In my own day-to-day, I am constantly making lists of potential inventions, neologisms, moneymaking schemes, […]