Archives for the Month of October, 2011

Marlo Pascual

Marlo Pascual Work from her oeuvre. “Taking found imagery and film as a point of departure in her work, Pascual creates photo-based sculptures, installations, and images that employ strategies of artistic movements such as Conceptual Art, Surrealism, Minimalism, and Arte Povera. Re-examining the viewer’s relationship to the photograph, Pascual is interested in exposing an image’s […]

Olve Sande

Olve Sande Work from his ouevre. “Possessed of a balance of architectural and literary substance, Olve Sande’s works are striking for the peculiar familiarity they evoke. At once recognisable and unconventionally contrived, their allure is as unquestionable as their imagery is imaginary. His is a charged vision.” – text via Culturehall.

Anthony Antonellis

Anthony Antonellis Work from Photoshop Skillz. “Photoshop Skillz is lowfi video artwork which showcases the artist’s skills using Photoshop’s basic tools and filters. The work demonstrates the visibility of the artist’s hand in new media.” – Anthony Antonellis

Clemence Seilles

Clemence Seilles Work from Monmumenta. “Is the fluent continuation of datscha, from a landscpaes, the elements got isolated for individual compositions. There are suggestions of assembled poetry from the DIY shops synthetic stones, garden pavements, building bricks, trashed pieces of road, building site left over… all come together to form their own monument, thought as spontaneous […]

Album #2 Same/Same

Album Magazin Work from Album #2 Same/Same. “Album #2 examines the question of the singularity of photographs: How new and unseen can pictures still be today? Which artistic possibilities lie in the doubling of motifs? Which concepts play with repetition and recognition? With »Same/Same«, we curated positions of photographic and theoretical works dealing with the […]

Rubén Grilo

Rubén Grilo Work from his oeuvre. “Using a diverse variety of media, such as PowerPoint presentation, archive material, found objects or laser projected animation, Rubén Grilo explores the notion of art as pure information. The main point of departure is the tradition of conceptual art, but stripped of nostalgia. His work often takes the form […]

Leanne Eisen

Leanne Eisen Work from Scans “Much like darkroom experimentation using burning and dodging, or the placement of objects directly onto the photographic paper’s surface to create photograms, each exposure represents a choreographed movement, a moment in time captured on a two-dimensional surface. By using trial and error, I reintroduce the possibility of happy accidents into […]

Melanie Bonajo

  Melanie Bonajo Work from her oeuvre. Text by Wyatt Niehaus. In her photographs, videos, installations and performances Melanie Bonajo approaches paradoxes of domestic life within a culture of free-time and luxury, the facets of a Modernized Society that remove from the individual the feeling of belonging, and increase feelings of isolation and identity issues […]

Kianoosh Motallebi

Kianoosh Motallebi Work from The Matrix. “Incandescent lamp fused with a flourescent light. The two otherwise incompatible technologies are forced to operate in the same space, creating a dynamic system that ultimately leads to dysfucnction of both light sources.” – Kianoosh Motallebi via Triangulation Blog

Bas Koopmans

Bas Koopmans Work from his oeuvre. “Bas Koopmans (1981) lives and works in Amsterdam. Baster makes stuff for clients like the ones in the work section. He does this with a pen, pencil or magic wand. And he rarely does it the easy way. As a collaborator, artist or friend Bas demands you keep up […]