Archives for the Month of March, 2012

Allora & Calzadilla

Allora & Calzadilla Work from “Body in Flight“. “The performances for Body in Flight, beginning every hour on the hour, will last 15-20 minutes. That length of time, Allora notes, is a big departure from the typical, 2-to-3-minute gymnastics routine. “We’re slowing things down, stretching them out,” she says, “taking things that you know and making […]

Berndaut Smilde

Berndnaut Smilde Work from his oeuvre. “Berndnaut Smilde’s work often draws upon the physical presence of transitional spaces. Places such as corridors, elevators, staircases and balconies interest Smilde as spaces that exist to be in between. This interest also branches out into the possibility of how a given space might be in between states of […]

Marie Lund

Marie Lund WOrk from her oeuvre. “A shoehorn sits between a shoe and a hand. A compact disc plated with gold, a door handle, a light bulb, a clothes hanger. Two part words. Stones stand as geological specimens – extracts from a vast landscape, but up close they are their own vast landscapes, entire mountains. […]

Nadia Kaabi-Linke

Nadia Kaabi-Linke Work from Flying Carpets. “From the legendary stories of King Solomon to One Thousand and One Nights and Hollywood’s Thief of Baghdad (1924), the image of the flying carpet has entered popular imagination as one of most universally recognised symbols of the Orient. Flying carpets describe a boundless and unrestricted mode of travel […]

Nanna Starck

Nanna Starck Work from her oeuvre. “An empty stage, a picture frame still missing its subject, a pedestal on which nothing is placed. Yet. These are some of the elements in Danish artist Nanna Starck’s sculptural practice. Trained at the cross-media department of Wall & Space at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Starck […]

Kerstin Brätsch

Kerstin Brätsch Work from her oeuvre. “Obfuscating the divisions between traditional media, Brätsch’s installations feature large oil paintings and three-dimensional units, such as magazine and poster racks. The posters and zines both advertise and remix corresponding paintings. This strategy extends to the collective Das Institut, the performance group It’s Our Pleasure to Serve You, and […]

Timm Ulrichs

Timm Ulrichs Work from his oeuvre. “In 1959, he established the ‘Werbezentrale für Totalkunst, Banalismus und Extemporismus’ [Central Advertising Agency for Total Art, Banalism, and Extemporality] and thus began to extend a hitherto limited notion of art. Based on the idea of the readymade, and above all on Kurt Schwitters’ Merzkunst, he takes up the artistic project of […]

Erik Van Der Weijde

Erik Van Der Weijde Work from Der Baum. “Der Baum shows 44 photographs of trees, taken by Van der Weijde over the past few years. The list of places where the photographs were taken includes different locations in Europe and Brazil. Their descriptions range from specified historical sites, such as the elementary school Adolf Hitler […]


Metahaven Work from Wikileaks design proposals. “What image comes to mind when you think of Wiki­Leaks? Some see it as heroic, others as destructive. Either way, the release of formerly classified documents and diplomatic cables over the last six months have helped transform the site and its founder, Julian Assange, into known entities. But while thinking of […]

Alejandro Almanza Pereda

Alejandro Almanza Pereda Work from his oeuvre. “Alejandro Almanza Pereda’s body of work comprises sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs and prints. The Mexican artist’s research is primarily focused on the field of equilibrium and precarious forces, bringing life to an allegory of our society and that which we perceive to be certain. The objects he is […]