Archives for the Month of June, 2012

Assaf Shaham

Assaf Shaham Work from Time After Time and Again. “In my works I try to examine and challange the medium of photography, its limits and the way we percieve and consume it as viewers. When we look at a photograph, mostly we are only left with the photgraphed object, the act of photography is almost […]

Hugo Scibetta

Hugo Scibetta Work from his oeuvre. “I build my work between the object’s plasticity and the dematerialization of information.This results in installations where the object (s) used in their elaboration stays visible and is part of the final work. The virtual and how it can exist in a physical space is at the center of […]

Dan Holdsworth

Dan Holdsworth Work from Transmission: New Remote Earth Views “Within the polished and high precision images of ‘Transmission: New Remote Earth Views’, the boundaries of photography and place blend into one new perspective. Dan Holdsworth’s new series of images depict the great, glacial landscapes of the west coast of North America. He has worked with the […]

Joshua Citarella

Joshua Citarella Work from his oeuvre. “My recent work examines representation. These images attempt to use the familiarity of the human form as a comparative framework to explore the methods through which meaning is encoded within the image. This body of work recognizes the techniques and physical tools of image making as allegorical extensions of […]

Joe Hamilton

Joe Hamilton Work from Div/Contour ” Div/Contour is composed in nine sections that connect and loop in various ways. They move positions, hide, unhide and repeat to create an endless scrolling landscape. Various online image search tools were uses to collect source material for the project. The keywords of traverse, natural and artificial were the initial […]

The Jogging

DANNY BROWN WHEATGRASS plant (Dormroom Accessories), 2012 BABY SIZED RIOT HANDCUFFS HANGING FROM THE MOUNT OF A MISSING SURVEILLANCE CAMERA IN A ROOM COVERED WITH PEPPER SPRAY, 2012 ART BASEL NAIL ART PAVILION, 2012 FRED bottled water bottle with 50/50 frozen organic MILK and frozen TOMATOJUICE split (Unique) and Print of Original, 2012 RETOUCHING REMARKS, 2012 ___________________________________________________________________________ […]

Grupa TOK

Grupa TOK Work from their oeuvre. “If we are to excavate one example from the neglected history of east european conceptual art that is of interest, it would be Grupa TOK from Zagreb that was active in 1972. The group realized a series of actions and installations wchich dealt with the problems of art in […]

Frederik Van Simaey

Frederick Van Simaey Work from Tegenboschvanvrreden. “For those who are not so familiar with my work, it is about relationships between light, shadow and gestures of turning things in & out, upsidedown front to back. It’s about me and the other, about both visible and invisible forces… It speaks for itself” – Frederik Van Simaey

Esther Stocker

Esther Stocker Work from her oeuvre. “In the late nineties Esther Stocker debuted with geometric abstract paintings, in which signs and orthogonal grids are superimposed on a limited range of colours: white, grey, black. In these paintings, the irregular grids recall the concept of ‘mimesis’ – not in the Platonic sense of the imitation of […]

Michele Di Menna

Michele Di Menna Work from “Ooze Generator” at Galerie Kamm. “…Michele Di Menna turns toward the dynamic in her working process, bundling the ephemerality of her performative work, transforming it into a manifold and solid installation. Like in H.G. Wells novel of the same title, Michele Di Menna, revisits for “The Shape of Things to […]