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Pablo Valbuena

Pablo Valbuena Work from his oeuvre. “Pablo Valbuena is a visual artist with an architectural background. Born in Spain and currently based in the south of France (Toulouse). He develops artistic projects and research focused on space, time and perception. Some key elements of this exploration are the overlap of the physical and the virtual, […]

Heeseop Yoon

  Heeseop Yoon Work from her oeuvre. “Heeseop Yoon (NY) uses “organizational lines” and narrow black masking tape to explore concepts of perception. Organizational lines are used to map the structure of a realistic drawing. These lines, by definition, are drawn and later erased, but they serve to measure the composition and guide the proportional […]

Pascale Marthine Tayou

Pascale Marthine Tayou Work from his oeuvre. “Jean Apollinaire Tayou was born in Cameroon. In the middle of the 1990s he changed name, declining it in the feminine form to become Pascal(e) Marthin(e) Tayou. This marked the beginning of an unceasing artistic, geographic and cultural nomadism that has brought Tayou to prominence on the contemporary […]

Kader Attia

Kader Attia Works from REPAIR. 5 ACTS and dOCUMENTA (13). “REPAIR. 5 ACTS at KW Institute for Contemporary Art is French-Algerian artist Kader Attia’s first institutional solo exhibition in Germany. For KW, Attia develops a site-specific installation in five acts, which applies his concept of “repair” as reconstruction in a wider sense to political, cultural and scientific […]

Samson Young

Samson Young Work from Signal Path II: Sinister Resonance. “Signal Path II: Sinister Resonance is a site-specific sound installation. I meditated at various locations within/around/outside of the installation site while wearing a sensor that turns my brainwaves into sound. Sensors monitor eight sets of electroencephalographic signals while I attempt to focus my attention. Each signal generates one […]

Felice Varini

Felice Varini Work from porta trapezi aperti. “My field of action is architectural space and everything that constitutes such space. These spaces are and remain the original media for my painting. I work „on site“ each time in a different space and my work develops itself in relation to the spaces I encounter. I generally […]

William Anastasi

William Anastasi Work from his oeuvre. “William Anastasi is one of the founders of both Conceptual and Minimal Art — relevant works were made before the movements were named.  These works, starting in 1961, include Relief and Microphone, among the earliest examples of Conceptual Art.  Between 1963 and 1966, we have Sink — a clear demonstration of entropy […]

Renata Lucas

Renata Lucas Work from her oeuvre. “Renata Lucas’s practice is a critical interpretation of how our built environment determines actions, behavior and social relationships, and by extension, society’s dependency on the preservation of prescribed definitions of space, property and order. By offering an alternative spatial imagination—one that brings into consideration malleability, manipulation and play—Lucas provokes […]

Toril Johannessen

Toril Johannessen Work from Transcendental Physics. “Toril Johannessen opens the spring season in NO.5. In her fascination with nature and the history of science she creates her visual works by way of methodical testing and an analytical attitude to the empirical and theoretical. The aesthetic grows up in a personal interpretation of the documentary where […]

Mary K Goodwin

Mary K Goodwin Work from Auto Obscura. “Auto Obscura describes the mixing of the exterior and interior that occurs behind the wheel of a car. It’s a phenomenon that is solitary, isolated, and artificial, and yet also oddly real and beautiful. In Auto Obscura, I turn my 1995 Ford Contour into a camera obscura and […]