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Anthony Auerbach

Anthony Auerbach Work from The State of New York. “The State of New York is an aerial survey of the whole State of New York from an altitude of seven feet. The survey records the surface of a giant copy of the Texaco road map which was inlaid in the terrazzo floor of the New […]

Travis Shaffer

Travis Shaffer Work from the ongoing series Keyword : Community. In order (top to bottom): Art Gallery:Manhattan, Church:Kentucky, Pub:United Kingdom, and Walmart:United States. “My work addresses the inter-connectivity of contemporary life through the discourse of visual culture. In my practice I re-contextualize visual and textual information gathered from sources both real and virtual. Using craft […]

Sarah Fuller

  Sarah Fuller Work from Dream Lab and Dream Work. “Dream Lab is a collaborative venture between myself and the Dream and Nightmare Lab at The Sacred Heart Hospital in Montreal, Canada. Through the research the lab and I have produced new knowledge about the hypnagogic stage of the sleep cycle. As a result of […]

Christoph Sebastian

Christoph Sebastian Work from the series (or rather multi-faceted database) Fahrzeuge. I also recommend the series Transformation. “”One must hurry if one wants to see something. Everything disappears.” Paul Cézanne. The car is more than just a simple vehicle: It is surrounded by an aura of irrationality. From the very beginning, various fantasies have always […]

Marjaana Kella

Marjaana Kella Work from Reversed. “When something is not there, possibilities open.The tête-à-tête is an intimate meeting. It may be a way for us to meet our beloved or look at a picture that speaks to us. We are face to face or eye to eye with the person or the picture, rather than opposite […]

Sonja Thomsen

Sonja Thomsen Work from Lacuna and Oil. “There is more genetic complexity in a milliliter of water than the whole of the human genome. This is what Sonja Thomsen told me when we first met, about four years ago, and the sort of thing she thinks about a lot.That such an immense universe of organisms […]

Gert Jan Kocken

  Zeebrugge (Belgium) March 6 1987: The Herald of Free Enterprise capsizes just outside the harbour of Zeebrugge killing 192 people. On June 11 2001 Herman Brood commits suicide by jumping of the roof of the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel. Voetboogstraat, On August 16th 1996 Joes Kloppenburg gets beaten up by four drunk guys. Soon after […]

Chad Gerth

Chad Gerth Work from the series Empty Lots. “Chicago’s great physical feature is not the height of its skyscrapers, but the flatness of its terrain. To take advantage of the endless Midwestern plains, it is laid out in a persistent grid that lays waste to the land, ignoring all geographic features. Aside from a splendid […]

Yevgeniy Fiks

Yevgeniy Fiks Work from the piece Lenin For Your Library? I saw a show the Fiks was a part of at the Art Laboratory Berlin recently and there was a fantastic piece which I could not find on the internet. Opposite the wall of letters from various corporate libraries was the piece described below (by […]

Mike Slack

  Mike Slack Work from the series A Multitude on Unlike Events* and OK OK OK “DESCRIPTION 100 units of photographic data collected by Mike   Slack from a fixed location in Los Angeles, CA,  on February 5, 2007. Each envelope contains one   unit of data, to be distributed to the general  public during the […]