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Eva Berendes

Eva Berendes Work from her oeuvre. “Drawing on a host of references, Eva Berendes’ geometrically patterned fabric screens divided, coloured and softened the small space of Ancient & Modern. The gallery’s name suited this poised show, which put forward a variety of Janus-faced views on Formalism and its various contexts. Two upright, white wooden frames […]

Sam Moyer

Sam Moyer Work from her oeuvre. “Examining these mysterious pictures up close you wonder if Ms. Moyer made them by meticulously copying photographs of wrinkled fabric, as Tauba Auerbach does. Ms. Moyer produces them by a kind of tie-dye process. She crumples sheets of fabric, dyes them black, stretches them out, makes stripes using bleach […]

Hannah Levy

Hannah Levy Work from her oeuvre. “Artist Hannah Levy uses the term “design purgatory” to describe these overlooked objects, cursed to live below the radar and gaze of their human creators. Levy finds herself attracted to forms that, once removed from their intended environs and functions, begin to lose the human conditioning that initially defines […]

Francis Upritchard

Francis Upritchard Work from her oeuvre. “Francis Upritchard’s psychedelically coloured human figures ‘live’ on islands of ornate furniture. There is a festival feeling to their gatherings, emphasised by Upritchard’s acid-bright colours, hand-woven blankets and tie-dyed silks. Upritchard has said ‘all the things that hippies hoped would happen, or felt might happen, didn’t.’ In one sense […]

Mathew Cerletty

Matthew Cerletty Work from his oeuvre. “Ikea” is a color-coordinated still life of a narrow cabinet with flowers in a red glass vase on top. Golf clubs lean against its side, a black handbag hangs from a peg rack and a three-part scroll on the wall pictures an antique skeleton key. With its rhyming rectangles […]

Tiril Hasselknippe

Tiril Hasselknippe Work from her oeuvre. “The grid is dead. It hasn’t been around for a long time. There are no grids in alien DNA. The grids were a part of the New Post Era. Their ideas were romantic but futile and the bickering concerning capital blocked their minds. It is so long ago. We remember […]

Céline Condorelli

Céline Condorelli Work from Support Structures (A co-production with Support Structure: Céline Condorelli and Gavin Wade) “Support Structures is a manual for what bears, sustains, props, and holds up. It is a manual for those things that encourage, give comfort, approval, and solace; that care for and provide consolation and the necessities of life. It […]

James Clarkson

James Clarkson Work from A Printed Sun as a Yellow Spot at Rod Barton Gallery. “Exploring the relationships between art and the history of design, James Clarkson’s practice investigates how a formal language can be devised from combining found objects, painting and sculpture. The materials Clarkson uses in his works are typically selected for the […]

Alexander Lis

Alexander Lis Work From Gradient Paintings. “Creative Research is an open space for all sorts of self-initiated projects in the fields of art and design.” – Alexander Lis via Triangulation Blog.

United Nude

United Nude Work from Low Res Project. “…Based on a very simple idea, the project explores the principle that every physical object is essentially a composition of numerous tiny two-dimensional surfaces, which can be blown up into a larger and playfully ‘pixelated’ low-resolution version of themselves. ‘Take any item and tell the computer to generate […]