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What a Silencer Sounds Like

What a Silencer Sounds Like Work by Sinae Yoo and Adam Cruces at Kunsthaus Langenthal “Does a silencer really sound like it does in a thriller? Why do drivers in movies always move the steering wheel? Why were only tinned exotic fruit experienced as authentic by Koreans in the past? Productive misinterpretation of situations and things […]

Jeremy Deprez

Jeremy Deprez Work from Common Nouns at Feuer/Mesler “Common Nouns is a collection of paintings developed through attempts to momentarily experience and analyze articles culled from DePrez’s immediate environment.  DePrez imposes humor, self-described awkwardness, and a variety of painterly strategies to build up a visual and material history within each painting.  These impositions encourage the formation of […]

Liam Gillick

Liam Gillick Work from Phantom Structures at Casey Kaplan “This exhibition consists of two bodies of work in which Gillick demonstrates the disparities and harmonies between the abstract and conceptual investigations at the core of his practice. The first is a series of wall texts executed in pale, shimmering vinyl, which act as the framework for the […]

Clemens von Wedemeyer

Clemens von Wedemeyer Works from Cast Behind You The Bones Of Your Mother at KOW “If works of art carried as little social and political significance as some skeptics claim, would they be as hotly contested as they are, again and again? We can draw a mental timeline of iconoclasm from the statues and temples ISIS […]

Greg Ponchak

Greg Ponchak Work from White Lily at Quality Gallery I. Rift? Event? Rupture? II. Regardless, a world is torn apart. Seemingly immutable bonds and relations splinter generating unimaginable amounts of energy. Bodies bask in the radiant heat and begin to thaw, escaping their former rigidity and adopting a softer, protean form. Freed from their attachments they begin […]


Unflatten Anne Holtrop & Bas Princen (NL), Ingo Mittelstaedt (DE), Linn Pedersen (NO), Stein Rønning (NO) Curated by Another Space at Prosjektrom Normanns “Unflatten presents artists and architects who work with space, sculpture, architecture, object and materiality through photography. The works oscillate between the two- and three-dimensional, between object and image. Spanning from dry to illusionistic […]

Vincenzo Simone

Vincenzo Simone Works from Wonder (Seven pools) “Operativa Arte Contemporanea welcomes you to Wonder (Seven pools), the first personal project by Vincenzo Simone conceived for the gallery spaces. Seven inflatable pools hold seven dreamlike landscapes resuming the artist’s latest painting production. A plastic frame with fluorescent and synthetic colours against a painting with a nineteenth-century taste […]

Real Madrid

Real Madrid  (Bianca Benenti Oriol and Marco Pezzotta) Work from Beefy @ Placentia Arte “I was sweaty and tired and ugly when I arrived in the village. I’d lost the habit of such long walks. Nobody recognized me, maybe because it was a long time since I’d left, but I guess it was more to do […]

Magnhild Øen Nordahl

Magnhild Øen Nordahl Work from Occupational Knots “I understand you’re originally from Norway, and recently completed your Masters studies at Kungliga Konsthögskolan in Stockholm, Sweden. Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you were first introduced to making artwork? As most kids do I enjoyed making things, whether it was drawings […]

Mariechen Danz

Mariechen Danz Work from her oeuvre “Mariechen Danz’s art takes as its starting point communication and the transmission of knowledge, placing the body at the center of her practice. In sculptures, drawings, costume designs, and performances she calls into question the expressive capabilities and incapabilities of language, the legibility and hierarchy of signs, and the […]