Archives for the Month of December, 2015

Hyounsang Yoo

Hyounsang Yoo Work from Salmon / Yolk. “I look to mass media as a starting point because it provides an outline of the socio-political landscape. I take the source, which is often a specific political and historical event. I then strip it from its context, leaving only the relationships between people, in individuality and as […]

Drew Nikonowicz

Drew Nikonowicz Work from This World and Others Like It. “Functioning both as metaphor and exposition, Drew Nikonowicz’s series This World and Others Like It thrives in the growing chasm between reality and mediated fiction. Calling upon one of photography’s earliest uses—recording the vast, unexplored landscapes of the world—Nikonowicz brings forth a reality that is […]

Josh Sender

Josh Sender Work from “Oy! On Time!” “The digital objects and artworks made for Oy! On Time! were made as a pieces of a proposal for a solo show I wanted to have. Oy! On Time! was held in two parts: on the browser— where one can look privately, the weight of the work heavier, […]


TRANSPARENCIES Curators: Simone Neuenschwander and Thomas Thiel Work by Neïl Beloufa, Juliette Blightman, Ryan Gander, Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff, David Horvitz, Katja Novitskova, Metahaven, Yuri Pattison “The ambivalence of a new visibility The globalized world seems at once transparent and opaque. While modern life is characterized by a desire for more transparency in communication, politics and business, limitless access to information […]

Zuzanna Czebatul

Zuzanna Czebatul Work from A Gentleman’s Insult / A Gentleman’s Apology at Gillmeier Rech “Pivotal Blast, an obelisk measuring over six meters, lies broken in the middle of the gallery space. In three pieces, it cuts a pathway from the rear of the space to the door. In Ancient Egypt, the obelisk, a monolithic pillar with […]

Anne De Vries

Anne De Vries Work form Submission at Cell Projects “Inside the rst gallery De Vries pulls together the human psyche by exploding a head into a variety of architectural structures and representations alongside the technology we use to feed thought and communication. Live-streamed screens of global locations take us to far away places, from the […]

Thomas Albdorf

Thomas Albdorf Work from I Know I Will See What I Have Seen Before (Lodret Vandret). “Looking at Austria and how it is constructed and constituted within a common image space, the concept of mountains, of an alpine landscape that functions as surface for multiple projections is prevalent; be it within the classic 1960s Heimatfilm, […]

Safety Net

Safety Net @ Erratum Galerie. “‘Safety Net’ – a juxtaposed term hinting at feeling safe inside a net, waiting for those who hold the strings to play out their next moves – is the title of Erratum Galerie’s show. The term might apply to characters that make up this exhibition too; as they all come […]

Corey Bartle-Sanderson

Corey Bartle-Sanderson Work from HOMEWARE_update. “How can we determine between artificiality and the actual world? What is ‘the model’ and what form does it take? Who can we trust? The expectations of the spectator have shifted due to the conditions of digital processes and technology. Tools such as Photoshop, the iPhone and Tumblr are constantly […]

Asha Schechter

   Asha Schechter Work from his oeuvre  “I am interested in the lifespan of images. I am interested in how an image comes into being, what kind of work it does, how it ages, and when it stops being useful. I think of certain kinds of commercial 3D models as underemployed. The kind of models […]