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Nico Krijno

Nico Krijno New Gestures:  Fabricated to be Photographed at WHATIFTHEWORLD South African artist Nico Krijno’s works are a vibrating riot of colour, objects and patterns tearing through photography’s overpopulated landscape. With a unique and highly stylised vision that finds its form in prints, objects, books and other ephemera, Krijno is a trailblazer exploring the limits of photographic space. […]

Thomas Albdorf

Thomas Albdorf Work from his oeuvre “Thomas Albdorf’s still lifes are never quite what they seem – the more the perspectives, shapes and colours shift, reflecting the Austrian photographer’s interest in manufacturing beauty and uncertainty out of seemingly mundane. “What fascinates me when I look at art created by other people is how they engage […]

Eugenia Maximova

Eugenia Maximova Work from Associated Nostalgia “Kitsch and the human propensity for exaggerating have always fascinated me,” says Eugenia Maximova, who was born behind the Iron curtain, in the Bulgarian city of ruse on the banks of the river Danube. “Many of my childhood memories relate to kitsch. It was on open display in almost […]

David Brandon Geeting

David Brandon Geeting Work from his oeuvre “Geeting has moved from a natural, somewhat lofi aesthetic to more polished images that fuse the photographer’s sense of atmosphere with neater lines and compositions, refashioning the trivial items of daily life into new objects that seemingly come from some parallel universe” –Disturber

Annette Kelm

Annette Kelm Work from her oeuvre “For her second solo exhibition at the gallery Annette Kelm is presenting new works that have been made entirely in 2013. Kelm’s photos filter significations as a system of values and codes that are established and stabilized by various forms of image production. This system includes their distribution by […]

Laura Letinsky

Laura Letinsky Work from Ill Form and Void Full. “This exhibition focuses on Letinsky’s new series, Ill Form and Void Full (2010-11), and marks a significant development in her work since 2009. Letinsky became increasingly interested in the artificiality of the photograph and its potential as a self-reflexive space. Here Letinsky has begun incorporating paper […]

Masood Kamandy

Masood Kamandy Work from Materialism. “These photographs are an exploration of materialism and still-life. Materialism’s meaning is multifold. It is a branch of philosophy in which everything is only matter and energy. It can imply consumerism, and many of the objects I photograph are things one will immediately recognize from any drugstore. It is also […]

Virginia Poundstone

Virginia Poundstone Work from her oeuvre. Poundstone also has an exhibition opening Friday @ Kansas. While the text below is not related to the show, based on what little I have seen of her upcoming show, some content can be traced back to the work discussed below. “… the back gallery, the American artist’s installation […]

Audrey Flack

Audrey Flack From top to bottom: Spitfire (1973), Chanel (1964), Wheel of Fortune (1977), Marilyn (Vanitas) (1977) Long considered one of the innovators of photorealism, Audrey Flack emerged on the scene in the late 1960s with paintings that embraced magazine reproductions of movie stars along with Matza cracker boxes and other mundane objects, that referred ironically to Pop Art. As one […]

André Kertész

Andre Kertesz From top to bottom: Mondrian’s Glasses and Pipe, Paris (1926), New York. Central Park Boat Basin (1944), Paris (1929), January 1, Martinique (1972) “Known for his extended study of Washington Square Park and his distorted nudes of the 1930s, Andre Kertesz was a quiet but important influence on the coming of age of photojournalism and the art of photography. For more […]