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Ben Van Den Berghe

Ben Van Den Berghe Work from The Handshake Society. “Handshake Society is the outcome of an ungoing interest in power relationships between people, focussing on the – decisive – moment on which people shake hands. I reframe found images and place them in a personal archive. By cropping these frames I try to eliminate the […]

Guillaume Chauvin and Remi Hubert

“In order to study the day, I use my ass the night … From time to time I return to the apartment between noon and two for sleeping. It’s crazy to have arrived there. Fortunately I can still hide it. ” – Emma, 23, Master of Philosophy “I have been in conflict with my family […]

Banksy’s work vandalized

I don’t normally post articles, but the irony of this is hilarious. Check here and here. Maybe I will post Banksy tomorrow in honor of the hilarity.

Tudor Bratu

Tudor Bratu Work from Album, Record, and Night Study #4. Bratu’s website is a cornucopia of projects, go visit it. ______________________ Album: “By altering the initial order of images, using blanks and empty space as image, the seemingly real of the facsimilae reproduction of the album, is contradicted by the absence and displace-ment of the […]

Patricia Neligan

Patricia Neligan Work from Vorübergehend. “The starting point of my photographic art is the observation of people in relation to space.Here is definitely meant the ambiguity of the term „space“, incorporating both that of theconceptual and the real reference space. I try in my photographic work to create tensionbetween reproduction and the originality of the pictures […]

Rivkah Young

Rivkah Young Work from the series Delos. “‘Welcome to paradise’ Which world did you just came from? The slogan of the leisure world Delos in the science fiction film Westworld. Michael Crichton staged the vision of a futuristic leisure park in 1973. Who travels to Delos, enters a recreation paradise of swordplays and western heros. […]

Peter Piller

Peter Piller Work from Straßenende/Wendehammer and Autowäsche (Street-ends and Car Washing). The Peter Piller Archiv is a massive compendium of collected imagery, go check it out. An interesting article in Frieze here. “As any curator will tell you, editing is an art, and many artists practice it. While working as a picture editor for an […]

François Delfosse

François Delfosse Delfosse is a Belgian architect and, as far as I can tell, is not pursuing art beyond his own edification. As such, I could find no statement or review, but I wanted to share these with you regardless, because they are pretty amazing.  Cube shadow study n°8 Cube shadow study n°4 via PYTR75

Osang Gwong

Osang Gwong Work from Deodorant Type. Interview with Ju-Hycon Lee here. “Gwon works between the fields of photography and sculpture. The artist plays with representations of reality and truth in both media by creating photographic sculptures and sculptural photographs…Deodorant Type (2005-2006): Here again Gwon subverts preconceptions about representational form. A subject is rendered through the […]

Darryl Lauster

  Darryl Lauster Works from his oeuvre, which can be seen at Devin Borden Hiram Butler Gallery and Barry Whistler Gallery. Title List (in Order): 1. Exercise Desert Rock, D-Day blast at Yucca Flats, 1951, photograph by Cpl. McCaughey, from the National Archives Records of the Office of Chief Signal Officer 2. A Young Civil […]