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THE FACULTY OF SENSING – Thinking With, Through, and by Anton Wilhelm Amo

THE FACULTY OF SENSING – Thinking With, Through, and by Anton Wilhelm Amo at Kunstverein Braunschweig. “With THE FACULTY OF SENSING – Thinking With, Through, and by Anton Wilhelm Amo, Kunstverein Braunschweig has worked in close cooperation with Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung to develop a project in honor of Anton Wilhelm Amo, an outstanding philosopher […]

Safety Net

Safety Net @ Erratum Galerie. “‘Safety Net’ – a juxtaposed term hinting at feeling safe inside a net, waiting for those who hold the strings to play out their next moves – is the title of Erratum Galerie’s show. The term might apply to characters that make up this exhibition too; as they all come […]

Fixed Variable

Fixed Variable at Hauser and Wirth. “Hauser & Wirth is pleased to present ‘Fixed Variable’, a group exhibition featuring works by Lucas Blalock, Ethan Greenbaum, John Houck, Matt Keegan, Josh Kolbo, Kate Steciw, Chris Wiley and Letha Wilson. ‘Fixed Variable’ looks at the work of eight artists who explore the tension between the photograph and […]

Der Grund ist nicht Licht, sondern Nacht

Der Grund ist nicht Licht, sondern Nacht at Christian Ehretraut. “
Through their surfaces, structures and the ways in which they are assembled, the works in the exhibition move in direct relation to the surrounding exhibition space and installed artwork. In their use of optical irritations, often intense color and repetitive rhythm, they oscillate between playful […]

911,000BC at Grand Century

٩‎١‎١‎,000 B.C. at Grand Century. Featuring: Anders Dahl Monsen Bjørnar Pedersen Christopher Kulendran Thomas Ida Eritsland Ilja Karilampi Kareem Lotfy Karen Gimle Kjersti Gjestrud Mikael Brkic Phillip Zach Renaud Jerez Sandra Vaka Olsen Tarik H. Hindic Tor Erik Bøe curated by Agatha Wara “We’ve come a long way bb’s. But let’s keep going, to a […]

Compression Artifacts

Compression Artifacts A project by Joshua Citarella featuring Wyatt Niehaus, Kate Steciw, Brad Troemel, Artie Vierkant and Joshua Citarella. “Compression Artifacts is a comprehensive investigation into the specific agency that independent artists may access through the contemporary means of image production and distribution. When viewership now occurs at the screen, we may at certain careful […]

United Visual Artists

United Visual Artists Work from Vanishing Point “Vanishing Point employs perspective as both tool and visual outcome to reshape, redefine and represent a space. Inspired by sketches of Leon Battista Alberti, Leonardo DaVinci and Albrecht Dürer, UVA sends lines into space from an arbitrary vanishing point, creating different volumes, divisions and rooms to be explored by […]

Color Chart

Color Chart Exhibition at MOMA (2008). The above works are (in order) Christopher Williams, François Morollet, On Kawara, Gerhard Richter and Richard Serra. “When I started learning about the art of the 1960s, about ten years ago, the period seemed book-ended by two texts: Clement Greenberg’s After Abstract Expressionism (1962), which accounted for the importance […]

Group Show at Schirn Kunsthalle

Group Show at Schirn Kunsthalle “Man has always been fascinated with secret societies and their clandestine rites, their covert knowledge, and exclusive circle of members. The character of secret societies ranges from harmless brotherhoods to powerful associations with very special financial and political objectives. Particularly in times of crises, secret societies provide surrogate values for […]

what we call painting

what we call painting This exhibition features ANFisher, Jeremy Bailey, and Jeremy Rotsztain. CERMÂ is a new online/offline exhibition space whose inaugural exhibition opens tomorrow at Hauptbahnhof Offenbach. “Digital creations contain a strange indifference, one could even say »falseness«, in the way they appear. Where they seem to be is not where they actually »are«. […]