Archives for the Month of July, 2011

Street Show

Street Show – The Things Between Us @ Eyebeam (540 W. 21 St.) – organized by Michael Manning Street Show: ‘The Things Between Us’ is an exhibition of new work from 22 different artists distributed solely through a USB Dead Drop installed at 540 W. 21 St. (@ Eyebeam Center for Art + Technology) in New York […]

Timur Si Qin

Timur Si Qin Work from The Axe Effect. “The Axe effect is the internationally recognized name for the increased attention Axe-wearing males receive from eager, and attractive female pursuers. Regardless of where you live, you can get the Axe-Effect by going to a store near you and purchasing one of our fine products.” – Unilever […]

Hannah Whitaker

Hannah Whitaker Work from Victory over the Sun!. “Much of the work takes visual cues from pioneering formalists, but does so at a critical distance. The show borrows the visual clarity of basic shapes and a de-saturated palette from these artists, but uses this language to its own end, poking affectionate fun at their anachronistic […]

Jonas Lund and Anika Schwarzlose

Jonas Lund and Anika Schwarzlose Work from Colourful Pieces of Sky. “The work is a participatory exploration of the relation between objects, images and semantics on the internet. We created a small platform that serves as our set up model, an engine constantly browsing the image sharing platform flickr, extracting the latest photgraph that’s tagged […]

Jeff McLane

Jeff McLane Work from his oeuvre. “My current body of work is an on-going project focusing on image capture technology and photo abstraction. As my previous projects have focused on social landscape, my new project uses a more camera-controlled environment, producing a non-serial body of work – a first for myself. Utilizing image subjects such […]

Neil Clements

Neil Clements Work from Bad History. “There are bubbling-under theatrics in this solo exhibition by Neil Clements. A recording of a grandiose synthetic organ refrain plays on a loop, aurally filling the warehouse gallery space as it circles the pitched ceiling, whistling into the decayed holes in the roof and reverberating in the invasive foliage […]

Chris Basmajian

Chris Basmajian Work from I Need Some Space to Think (at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts through September 4th). “Chris Basmajian is a new media artist who creates provocative interactive sculptural works that utilize custom computer software and proximity sensors to generate a dialogue about humanity’s elusive search for knowledge and truth. For […]

Rémy Markowitsch

Rémy Markowitsch Work from Spirit. “The sheer quantity of this extraordinarily extensive private collection gave Rémy Markowitsch a point of reference for his own work, in which he also addresses the theme of excess and the phenomenon of manic enthusiasm. With an explorer’s thirst for knowledge, Markowitsch has combed through, brought to light and reinterpreted many of the traces left […]

A Rod Stewart Little Richard Prince Charles Manson Family

A Rod Stewart Little Richard Prince Charles Manson Family (collaboration with, Carson Fisk-Vittori, Derek Frech, Justin Kemp, Joe Lacina, Josh Pavlacky, and Daniel Wallace). Work from their exhibition at LVL3. Fruits of a connected and continuous collaborative consciousness, A rod stewart little richard prince charles manson family is the collaborative effort of six artists working in three different states, communicating ideas […]

Krystina Naylor

Krystina Naylor Work from her oeuvre. “I tend to work in sculpture as its initial function is to inhabit the third dimension, as do you, its viewer. Either the object its self or its situation should feel slightly odd. A paradoxical & circular concept aims to contradict the original object’s purpose. The sculptures refer back […]