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Eugenia Maximova

Eugenia Maximova Work from Associated Nostalgia “Kitsch and the human propensity for exaggerating have always fascinated me,” says Eugenia Maximova, who was born behind the Iron curtain, in the Bulgarian city of ruse on the banks of the river Danube. “Many of my childhood memories relate to kitsch. It was on open display in almost […]

Manuel Fernández

Manuel Fernández Work from his oeuvre. “Manuel Fernández is a spanish artist based in Madrid. His artistic practice begins at the intersection of art, popular culture and Internet.” – Manuel Fernández

Josephine Pryde

Josephine Pryde Work from Miss Austen Enjoys Photography. “…Although she makes use of the technical and iconic potential of photography in its various forms in order to create visually attractive and conceptually precise images, it should not be overlooked that her work also encompasses a great variety of artistic media and, indeed, even incorporates the […]

Cory Arcangel

Cory Arcangel Work from his current exhibition at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin. “The New York-based artist Cory Arcangel (* 1978) uses his work to explore the practices and myths that have built up around Internet culture, pop music and experimental music. In processing visual and audio material for his works, he not only uses […]

Matthew Ryan Barton

Matthew Ryan Barton Work from The Affects of the Effects of Gravity. Barton has work in a show opening at CS13 on April 15th, it will be well worth your time. “…At the gallery entrance the wind rustles through a projected forest fronted by artificial turf upon which rest real log segments that serve as […]

Stefan Panhans

Stefan Panhans Work from Items for Possible Videosets. “Stefan Panhans also concentrates in his works on everyday phenomena, even though, with another emphasize: His videos and photographs analyse the spectacle of increasing commercialisation and staging of urban spaces and reflects on the people’s searching for role models within these situations. In his photographic work, Panhans […]

Andrey Bogush

Andrey Bogush Work from the Rainbow Project. “My current interests in photography are linked with perception of objects and Gestalt theory. These are very formalistic studies of still life and pseudo still life through the medium of photography with moments of interference from editing software. In the Rainbow project, I digitally overlaid standard rainbow gradients […]

David Raymond Conroy

Davi Raymond Conroy Work from his oeuvre. “From spiritual transfiguration to critical resistance, some form of distance has always been attributed to the artwork. This distance has historically been considered somewhat revelatory in that it announces a beyond that might open to either sacred or secular enlightenment, and perhaps more recently politics. That the artwork […]

Manuel Bürger

Manuel Bürger Work from The MIDI Opera: A hommage to the greatest file format, 15 midi file songs + 3D renderings Watch and listen: MP3 Release (320k/bits) on Shalom Salon. The MIDI Opera is a little homage to the MIDI file format.Due to its limitation composing songs with the MIDI synthesizer of my laptop was always […]

Eric Yahnker

Eric Yahnker Work from his oeuvre. Make sure you head over to his website, the titles of the work are remarkable. “With his keen eye for pop culture and irreverent humor, Eric Yahnker‘s current exhibition of highly-detailed pencil drawings and conceptual sculptures at Ambach & Rice Gallery taps into a zeitgeist also seen in the […]