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Ulrich Vogl

Ulrich Vogl Work from his oeuvre. “Ulrich Vogl (Kaufbeuren, 1973) grew up in southern Germany. He studied in Monaco, Berlin and at the School of Visual Arts in New York. He says he inherited his artistic streak from his grandfather, who was a researcher and inventor. This familiar and romantic world belongs to Ulrich Vogl […]

Rosa Barba

Rosa Barba Work from her oeuvre “In my work I don’t observe reality; I am reinterpreting it in a certain direction by making very personal decisions. I don’t pose critical questions; I am trying to invent a utopia by showing political and social mechanisms set against technical mechanisms which are themselves fragile. The paradox which […]

Carlos Jiménez Cahua

Carlos Jiménez Cahua Work form his oeuvre “I have been engaged in structuralist investigations in photography (both digital and analog) as driven by an abiding interest in the image and the material carrying that image. Analog photographic work has involved the making of cameraless photographs (which could be termed “photograms,” but I find that term imports […]

Amalia Pica

Amalia Pica Work from her oeuvre. “Using materials such as photocopies, light bulbs, drinking glasses, and cardboard, Amalia Pica (b. 1978, Argentina) confronts the failures, gaps, and slippages of communication. The act of delivering and receiving a verbal or nonverbal message, and the various forms that communicative exchange may take, along with the very limits […]

Diana Thater

Diana Thater Work from her oeuvre. “Diana Thater’s video installations describe a technologically mediated nature while revealing the mechanics of media representation. Thater has applied red, green, and blue colored gels—representing the elemental palette of video—to the glass walls of the museum’s café, transforming the entire space chromatically while at the same time, introducing us […]

Julius von Bismarck

Julius von Bismarck Work from The Space Beyond Me “What happens, if a projector moves while it is projecting in exactly the same way in which the camera moved that recorded the film, which is now being projected?What happens, is similar to processes happening in the brain when we perceive our surroundings. Virtual rooms or […]

Paul Chan

Paul Chan Work from The 7 Lights from his exhibition at the New Museum. The videos and drawings from the exhibition can be seen here. “This exhibition marks the American premiere of Paul Chan’s complete series “The 7 Lights,” offering a unique occasion to explore the practice of a New York-based artist whose work engages […]

Robert Seidel

Robert Seidel Work from folds “The work folds for the Lindenau Museum (Altenburg, Germany) may be understood as a rapprochement with the history of the museum’s collection of plaster casts. I was particularly interested in the ancient, fragmented bodies – how through the loss of limbs they became almost abstract, fragmentary sculptures and yet still disclosed […]

Frank Eickhoff

Frank Eickhoff Work from his oeuvre. “I am photographing constructed objects made of different materials, such as paper cuts, prints, foil, paint, metal, wood etc. On top of that I project digital generated light which is mapped in realtime on the objects and the scene. At some point the digital process and the materials visually […]

Jonas Lund and Anika Schwarzlose

Jonas Lund and Anika Schwarzlose Work from Colourful Pieces of Sky. “The work is a participatory exploration of the relation between objects, images and semantics on the internet. We created a small platform that serves as our set up model, an engine constantly browsing the image sharing platform flickr, extracting the latest photgraph that’s tagged […]