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Matter at New Shelter Plan Featuring work from Caleb Charland, Matthew Gamber,Mary Voorhees Meehan, Johan Rosenmunthe, and Bill Sullivan. “In cataloging technology’s effects on culture, Marshall McLuhan wrote, “We look at the present through a rear-view mirror. We march backwards into the future.” The five artists adopts this observation as a motive to examine photography’s […]

Masood Kamandy

Masood Kamandy Work from Materialism. “These photographs are an exploration of materialism and still-life. Materialism’s meaning is multifold. It is a branch of philosophy in which everything is only matter and energy. It can imply consumerism, and many of the objects I photograph are things one will immediately recognize from any drugstore. It is also […]

Andy Boot

Andy Boot Work from his oeuvre. “…The works are part of Andy Boot’s ongoing investigation of different zones or planes integral to the organization of an image: Andy Boot asks, all but rhetorically, not to mention paradoxically, if it is possible to make an image that is not an image. Indeed, what constitutes an image now that […]

Letha Wilson

Letha Wilson Work from her oeuvre. Wilson currently has exhibitions at Higher Pictures in NYC, Gallery 44 in Tornoto and the Essl Museum in Vienna. “My artwork uses images and materials from the natural landscape as a starting point for interpretation and confrontation. My work creates relationships between architecture and nature, and the gallery space […]

Jason Gowans

Jason Gowans Work from Five Landscape Modes. “This show was created from physical objects. I built maquettes using found negatives, my own photographs, and images from the Internet. I photographed them to create several angles, exposures, shadows I took many cues from Robert Smithson’s Non-Sites, Michael Snow’s La Région Centrale, and western movie sets” – […]

Clement Valla

Clement Valla Work from The Universal Texture (including the full post / essay from Rhizome) These artists (…) counter the database, understood as a structure of dehumanized power, with the collection, as a form of idiosyncratic, unsystematic, and human memory. They collect what interests them, whatever they feel can and should be included in a […]

Jesse Ash

Jesse Ash Work from The Sculptor’s Nightmare. “…The ‘somewhere else’ you describe, could be thought of materially. I mean there are rules when you use a material like chalk, or editing software like Final Cut Pro and essentially you’re doing the same thing. Cutting away, re-modeling. And these rules and structures then impose their own […]

Robert Cumming

Robert Cumming Work from his oeuvre. “Robert Cumming’s work explores photography’s claim to truth telling. He has a background in sculpture and uses his skills to “construct” the subject matter of his photographs. His themes include interruptions in landscape and logic, the reappraisal of everyday objects, ironic reversals of the expected, illusionism and magic, and […]

Martin Oppel

Martin Oppel Work from his oeuvre. “Dominating his space were what appeared to be gravity-defying stacks of rock, marble and concrete, which were in fact sculptures made from styrofoam painted and modeled just enough to deceive for an instant. But unlike a magician’s levitation trick, Oppel wants his illusions to be broken, so that the viewer […]

Lauren Pascarella

Lauren Pascarella Work from her oeuvre. “My work involves demonstrating, in both image and process, the intangible connection between signifier and the signified. By photographic fragments of imagery that is site-specific to the viewer (a book, a chair, a light, a building), I am compelling the viewer to consider only what is in front of himlher visually. Through […]