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Nicolas Sassoon

Nicolas Sassoon Work from Studies. “I want to go back to the idea of modularity that has come across in the last model you sent me. Does the malleability and flexibility of these 3D environments inspire your process, or has your work always contained a element of repetition and combination? I’ve always been excited to insert elements of repetition […]

James Nizam

James Nizam Work from Trace Heavens “The large black and white photographs depict the transformation of darkened rooms into uncanny light sculptures that intersect elegant geometry with math-class daydreaming. Bridling sunlight into streamlined rays via perforated and sliced walls, and with the aid of artificial fog to intensify the slants of light, Nizam creates imagery […]

Tyler Los-Jones

Tyler Los-Jones Work from Time Scales. “My recent photographs explore overlaps in technological and ecological timescales. Specifically, I’m interested in the perceived disconnect between timescales and the effect this separation has on our decision-making in relation to ecological issues. These disconnects are represented in the work either through a minor intervention in a found image […]

Sabrina Ratté

Sabrina Ratté Work from her oeuvre. Ratté has an exhibition opening today at I suggest you check it out. “My videos are often the result of experiments with tools and softwares that anyone can have access to. The challenge is to find ways to use these tools in order to create new forms and […]

Mark Soo

Mark Soo Work from his oeuvre. “Mark Soo’s work focuses on the associations between culture, technology and the history of representation, and their impact on questions of subjectivity. Soo’s current exhibition “Madame Guillotine” is concerned with relations of image production and photography, as seen through depictions of the guillotine and associated images dating from the […]

Rick Silva

Rick Silva Work from Antlers WiFi. “Rick Silva’s ongoing project Antler’s Wifi depicts a series of animations that combine geometric glitch aesthetic with serene landscapes and natural iconography. The weekly updates to this blog project vary in complexity and density, but all the images share an acute aesthetic that Silva has been developing over the […]

Ben Schumacher

Ben Schumacher Works from his oeuvre. “” – Ben Schumacher

Tara Downs

Tara Downs Work from Material Test for The STATE “Material Test introduces images of film gels, cellophane, mirrored Mylar that have gradually dissolved their material base, becoming molten shapes and forms that undulate through foreground and background. French critic and curator Nicolas Bourriaud in his text Postproduction considers that “precariousness is at the center of a […]

Hugh Scott-Dougles

Hugh Scott-Douglas Work from Moire Paintings. “Scott-Douglas makes work that refers to production itself, to its consumption and to its container, using visual cues gleaned from minimalism and op art. The central dialectic of the work springs from the tension between the need for a rigid authority figure, on the one hand, and the very […]

Lili Huston-Herterich

Lili Huston-Herterich Work from her oeuvre. “Her work explores the nothings of the phenomenal world, and the real and “un-real” of spaces we exist in.” – Lili Huston-Herterich