Archives for the Month of August, 2012

Roman Liška

Roman Liška Work from his oeuvre (including work from Liška’s upcoming exhibition, Nu Balance,  at Rod Barton). “Roman Liška’s most recent body of work incorporates excerpts from the Financial Times Weekend Magazine’s “Life & Arts” section, from which it draws headlines including “Wealth Creations”, “Chalet Girls” and “Risqué Business”, as well as passages from “How To Spend It” […]

Wade Guyton

Wade Guyton Work from his oeuvre. “Guyton’s new paintings are ostensibly black monochromes. Made with an Epson large format printer in the same manner as the paintings he has been producing for the last three years, these works are printed on pre-primed linen intended for oil painting and not inkjet printing. As such, the images, […]

Hugh Scott-Douglas

Hugh Scott-Douglas Work from Sitzprobe at Croy Nielsen, Berlin. “…relates back to engineering circles at the turn of last century who employed it to create Blueprints (the name “blueprint” stems specifically from the distinct cyan colour which this technique produces). These works begin their genealogy as perfect vectors, plotted on the computer, and printed as […]

Lucy and Jorge Orta

Lucy and Jorge Orta Work from their oeuvre. “Her sculptural work investigates the boundaries between the body and architecture, exploring their common social factors, such as communication and identity. Lucy uses the media of sculpture, public intervention, video, and photography to realize her work. Her most emblematic artworks include Refuge Wear and Body Architecture (1992–98), […]

Rolf Nowotny

Rolf Nowotny Work from his oeuvre. “So “mouthbreather” is a derogatory term for someone who for whatever reason doesn’t breathe through the nose but through the mouth, obviously. These people just seem to bumble through life with open faces and in the drizzling rain they might even squint their eyes and their tongues hang out […]

Meriç Algün Ringborg

Meriç Algün Ringborg Work from The Risk of Being in Public “The risk of being in public is accidentally appearing on a photograph.” -Diane Arbus “The Risk of Being in Public is a yearlong journal containing 136 notations where each account describes a photograph taken in public by an unknown person in which the artist has noticed […]

Jacinda Russell

Jacinda Russell Work from Nine Fake Cakes and Nine Bodies of Water. “I photograph worn, dilapidated objects with a history that expresses loss and sadness. These forms are ultimately self-portraits, communicating to the viewer significant memories that I am unwilling to let go. Spring 2010 featured several personal and career related disappointments and for the […]

Marthe Elise Stramrud

Marthe Elise Stramrud Work from Livingroom Poetics. “In Livingroom Poetics Marthe Elise Stramrud has photographed ordinary objects in her apartment. Creating new situations amongst things that surround her, the images explore the harmony between objects that exist in our everyday lives. The relations caused by and within them turn our minds towards the gesture of […]

Boris Meister

Boris Meister work from Above the Cloud “Created by Boris Meister at ECAL, Above the Cloud is an atlas about social networks archeology, death and digital marks left in distress on the internet. Boris attempts to present the complex subject and, above all, explain it by creating an object – book, both in its structure, images and layout. Over […]

William Betts

William Betts Work from his oeuvre. “The works of William Betts operate less like paintings and more like moments captured in time. Featured in editions #60, #72, and #84 of New American Paintings, Betts uses video stills and technological applications to inform his compositions, where some works are both a reproduction and an original, stretching […]